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    The Newest Feature of YouTube: YouTube Handles

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    Everything You Need To Know In 50 Words Or Less

    YouTube is introducing a unique identifier called handles to make searching for users and channels easier. Adopting handles will make searching for channels easier and allow smaller channels to have unique URLs. Handles are already used as identifiers on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. 

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    On October 10th, YouTube announced that they are now introducing handles to their platform. Every channel will receive a unique handle up to 30 characters in length. Handles make it easier to search for your favorite creators and tag creators in comments, video titles, descriptions, and Community posts. 

    Why is YouTube Introducing Handles?

    Before implementing handles, users would have to search channel names in the YouTube search bar to find the creator they wish to see. This poses a problem, as multiple channels can have the same name. For instance, there are countless channels with “MrBeast” or “Jake Paul” in the title. 

    Handles solve this dilemma by adding an additional identifier for your channel that is unique to only your channel. 

    When Will YouTube Handles Come Into Play? 

    Larger channels with more YouTube presence, subscriber count, and activity will select their handles first to ensure that their preferred handle isn’t taken. Unfortunately, this means that smaller channels just starting out might have more difficulty selecting their preferred handle name. YouTube has stated that all channels will have the ability to choose their handle by November 14th at the latest.

    Concerns From Smaller Channels

    Smaller creators on YouTube have raised concerns over the possibility of losing traffic and searchability if they need help getting their preferred handle. Fortunately, YouTube handles will work alongside your YouTube channel title. YouTube handles will be displayed in shorts, on channel pages under the channel title, add in comment sections. 

    Additional Utility With YouTube Handles

    Beyond searchability, YouTube handles Bring forward a plethora of use cases. For instance, all YouTube channels can now have their unique URL with the channel handle displayed. 

    Previously, unique channel URLs were only given to YouTube creators with over 100 subscribers. Additionally, YouTube creators can all be tagged into comment sections, video titles, and video descriptions, making YouTube growth easier through collaborations. 

    Creating A Safer Community On YouTube

    In recent years phishing scams have targeted YouTuber creators and viewers. Schemes involve creating look-alike profiles for popular YouTube channels and interacting with viewers in the comments. 

    Scam comments often state that the commentator has won a prize that must be claimed via WhatsApp or telegram. They would use financial apps like PayPal or Venmo to withdraw funds from their target. Fortunately, YouTube handles will make it easier to recognize scam accounts from regular YouTube users. 

    Source: Youtube

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