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    The Ultimate Tool You Need For Google Shopping

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    If you’re a retail owner, you know that Google Shopping is one of the most powerful search technologies that allow your audience to find you and your creatives. It’s evident that the digital market is more competitive than ever, and advertisers are looking for more engaging ways to attract their audience. Engaging imagery is no longer enough; even with the promotions feature within Google Shopping, there are limited ways in which you may stand out from your competitors. 

    But, what if you could dynamically change your product title to include special text that instantly captures users’ attention and can increase the click-through rate by 20%? Introducing the most powerful feed management tool that is the best-kept secret across digital marketers: Feeditor.

    What is Feeditor?

    Feeditor is an AI feed management tool that transforms your feed into a high conversion and eliminates the need for a developer. By connecting this tool to your CRM, your feed is automatically generated to effortlessly enrich your data and add changes before connecting to channels like Google Shopping, Facebook, Amazon & Microsoft. Easily create feed manipulations, rules, and insightful data that will take your eCommerce strategy to another level. For this case study, we will only look at Google Shopping specifically.

    Boosting Promotions & Increasing CTR Up To 20% 

    In this Case Study, we carried out 2 tests during promotions. During a 20% Off sitewide sale, the product headline was automatically updated using Feeditor to include “20% Off” in front of all products. i.e. 20% Off Pink Dress, 20% Off Green Dress. This can be done simply by selecting Action, Edit Value, Add to the left, “20% Off”


    The best part is, Feeditor can be used for more than just changing headlines. Add custom labels, replace text, or enrich your data with exclusive features on this platform - the potential is unlimited.

    Start optimizing your feed for free

    Case Study Test #1

    Comparing the results of this to previous sales periods without a headline, we saw an uplift of CTR across all products up to 17.86%. Having this unique text is an innovative way of capturing the attention of searchers to your products, giving you the upper hand against competitors who not only do not have Feeditor, but who also struggle to make such bulk actions with ease. In this study, actions were applied to over +7000 products.

    Case Study Test #2

    If you’re not convinced yet, the same experiment was carried out for another sale, 30% Off all shorts. This is where complex functions are simplified; following the previous actions, just select Condition > Product_type > Equals > Shorts. (No developer is needed!) The results showed a 19.36% increase in CTR across the Shorts category.

    case study 2
    case study 2.0

    Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

    Feeditor users continue to dominate in Google Shopping by using advanced technology with innovative strategies to stand out against competitors. You don’t need to spend excessive amounts of resources and time when you can opt for a simpler solution. The best part is, Feeditor can be used for more than just changing headlines. Add custom labels, replace text, or enrich your data with exclusive features on this platform – the potential is unlimited.

    Final Thoughts

    Feeditor has so many elements to help improve your sales performance. With this tool, you’ll be able to transform your feed into a high-converting feed (smarter feed), expand your reach by advertising to shoppers worldwide with Google Shopping in multiple countries and currencies, all while saving time and money by eliminating the need for a developer. That is why this is the ultimate tool you need for Google Shopping- check out the Feeditor app yourself and try it for free for the first 21 days.

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