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    TikTok Adds a New WooCommerce Plugin To Enhance Monetization

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    WooCommerce merchants can now integrate their product catalog with their TikTok profile for even more earning potential. WooCommerce merchants can now use their WooCommerce dashboard to activate Pixel tracking, create ads, and launch ads on TikTok. 

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    TikTok users worldwide have successfully monetized their TikToks with in-stream e-Commerce integrations. Now, after TikTok’s success with integrating Shopify in 2020, they’ve decided to branch out with a new WooCommerce Plugin. This announcement comes only a month after Pinterest’s announcement of integrating WooCommerce. 

    Since WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce solution for WordPress, almost one-third of all online shopping websites use it. Thus, offering a WooCommerce plugin for TikTok gives eCommerce companies that already use WooCommerce more social media earning potential.

    As a result of the integration, many WooCommerce companies that don’t yet have a TikTok account will likely consider adding TikTok to their social media presence. After all, in minutes, WooCommerce users can create an ad for TikTok within their WooCommerce dashboard. 

    And companies that already have a TikTok Business account can increase their earning potential by creating or connecting a WooCommerce product list. 

    WooCommerce merchants can now integrate their product catalog with their TikTok profile for even more earning potential.

    Integrating WooCommerce with TikTok gives businesses a better chance at reaching the demographics that are most interested in the products they have for sale. 

    From within the WooCommerce dashboard, users can sync their store catalog with TikTok, install TikTok pixel to track campaign performances, abe create and launch the perfect targeted ad.

    TikTok’s plans for integrating more eCommerce platforms into their app indicate a decision to move toward more advanced product display ads. 

    Potential customers who view static and live-stream TikToks from a business will have the option to buy the products they see or even view several products that the TikTok business has available. 

    It’s easy for WooCommerce businesses to start advertising and selling their products on TikTok with four easy steps:

    1. Connect a TikTok for Business account and ad account to a WooCommerce store
    2. Setup TikTok Pixel 
    3. Sync the WooCommerce product catalog with TikTok
    4. Create TikTok ads through the WooCommerce dashboard

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      The beauty of the WooCommerce plugin is that businesses can start all their conversion campaigns from their WooCommerce dashboard with these easy steps:

      1. Click “Create an Ad.”
      2. Create a name for the campaign
      3. Choose a promotion type
      4. Choose which product to promote from the synced catalog
      5. Upload an ad video or make a new video with the Video Generator and catalog images
      6. Create an ad description
      7. Choose campaign settings
      8. Preview and submit when complete

      TikTok has the ambitious goal of becoming the #1 shopping experience app for the future, so it’s time for companies to find their voice on TikTok. Since TikTok videos are meant to entertain, companies may need to do a little research among competitors to see how to best craft their video content. Staying on-brand and producing authentic content will help gather followers, and then sales should follow. 

      Source: TikTok for business

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