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    Tiktok Business Account Audience Now Available for all Ads Accounts

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    Everything You Need to Know in Less than 50 Words

    TikTok has recently allowed the ability to control your business TikTok accounts through your Business Center. You can use this set of tools to grant Business Center users access to a TikTok account so they can create Spark Ads on TikTok Ads Manager. 

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    TikTok businesses will have an easier time creating Spark Ads on a larger scale while managing several TikTok accounts.

    How Can You Activate This Feature?

    Before you start managing a TikTok account from your Business Center, there are two steps you need to complete.

    1. The first step includes requesting access to a TikTok account. You will need to create a QR code from your Business Center; then, you must have the owner of the targeted TikTok account scan and authorize it. 
    2. The second step involves providing Business Center accounts permission to access and handle the TikTok account. To achieve this, you must give the members of your business account permission to control and access the account. 

    TikTok businesses will have an easier time creating Spark Ads on a larger scale while managing several TikTok accounts.

    After providing access to your intended member, they can utilize the TikTok account to generate Spark Ads on Ad accounts they are allowed to use.

    What Permissions are Designated for Business Center Members?

    There are two types of users in Business Centers: administrator and member users. 

    While Administrator accounts hold more authority, knowing what your member users can do is vital knowledge.

    • Only the administrator can send requests to access TikTok accounts from your Business Center; your member users cannot use this feature.
    • Another feature only the administrator account can use is granting permission for member users to access TikTok accounts through the Business Center.
    • Administrator accounts can view all TikTok accounts that they have the authorization to access; Normal users will only be able to view accounts they have been assigned to control. (Only the Administrator account can assign TikTok accounts to member users.)
    • Administrators and member users can utilize the “pull video” feature to generate Spark Ads. This is only possible under the condition that the Business Center has already received a request for permission granting access to the TikTok account and is made by a user with access to the ad account.

    What is The TikTok Business Center?

    The TikTok Business Center is a platform that enables businesses or agencies to more effectively and securely manage several TikTok ad accounts.

    Using Business Center, enterprises can centralize their teams and assets, allowing for efficient and secure rights management and asset usage.

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      What are the Uses of the Business Center?

      With TikTok Business Center, you can perform the following actions.

      • Have a tool to check several ad accounts all at once: The time it takes to transition between different ad accounts is decreased by accessing all managed ad accounts with a single sign-in.
      • You can get analytics and business-level data about the effectiveness of your ads across many accounts.
      • Determine with ease who altered or modified the ad accounts with the help of the Business Center.

      Source: TikTok Business Center

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