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    What are Google Ads Certifications?

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    Individuals with a Google Ads Certification stand out from their competition and are more likely to land desirable positions. The certification is valuable even if you don’t want a better job. This is especially true for those with a website or blog. 

    Do you want to learn how to drive more traffic to your website? Are you positioning yourself for your dream job? A Google Ads Certification can benefit you in many ways. Any person in the business or marketing industry worth their salt will want to take advantage of what Google Ads Certification can provide. 

    Learn about Google Ads Certifications, the benefits of getting certified, tips on passing the assessment, and what to do next. 

    What is Google Ads Certification?

    A Google Ads Certification is a professional accreditation from Google that shows you are an expert in Google Ads. 

    It’s an excellent resource for business owners that want to expand their knowledge on online marketing or for those who need to show they are qualified to work with Google Ad responsibilities. 

    These accreditations represent your ability in all facets of Google Ads. There are six Google Ads Certifications:

    • Google Ads Search
    • Google Ads Apps
    • Google Ads Video
    • Google Ads Display
    • Google Ads Video
    • Shopping Ads
    • Google Ads Measurement

    Each assessment takes around 75-minutes, and you will get your certification immediately if you pass. You can take it as many times as you need until you pass. You only need to wait for 24 hours before you retry the test. 

    Who Should Get Google Ads Certified?

    Professionals who want to have an edge against the competition will significantly benefit from being Google Ads Certified. 

    Whether you are a marketing professional wanting to increase your skills or own an online business and want to learn Google Marketing for yourself, Google Skillshop will give you the skills you need to succeed. 

    Individuals with a Google Ads Certification stand out from their competition and are more likely to land desirable positions.

    Why are Google Ads Certifications Important?

    Google Ads Certifications provide you with the foundation to run ads for your company or employer. 

    After you pass the exam, Google will present you with a certificate you can use to show that you are a certified online advertising professional. Post your skill badges on your LinkedIn profile and impress future or current employers.

    Passing the assessments will also enable your company to get into the Google Partner Program. The Google Partner Program offers exclusive benefits and opportunities for businesses. 

    Understanding how Google Ads works can significantly increase your ROI on ad spend. You won’t have to worry about spending money on ads that fizzle out and go nowhere. 

    How Much Does it Cost to get Google Ads Certified?

    While it used to cost money to take the Google exams, you can now take the assessment multiple times for free. Don’t hesitate to earn your skills badges, as these certifications may come with a price tag in the future. 

    How Hard is it to get Google Ads Certified?

    The exams for Google Ads Certifications are not very difficult to pass, but you will need to understand a variety of use cases, definitions, and concepts.

    While some people have admitted to Googling the answers, several tough questions require critical thinking skills. These specific questions are not readily available on the internet, so you need to understand how to solve decisive problems. Most of the questions are multiple-choice, but the answers are similar and require your attention. 

    Take the test to learn, not just check something off your to-do list. Many of the questions have real-world applications, and it can be beneficial to know specific terminology and reasoning. 

    Each assessment comes with its own certification, so you won’t have to take all of them. Focus on the ones you know you will need the most. The most frequently obtained credentials are Google Ads Measurement, Display, and Search. 

    How do you Prepare for the Google Certification Assessment?

    You should take the recommended lessons for each certification. The videos are short but helpful. 

    Then, you will want to create an Ads account. Go through the entire process of creating ad campaigns for a real or fake business and walk through all the steps without publishing. 

    It will give you hands-on experience where you can apply what you’ve learned. It will also be much easier to pass the exam if you understand the platform and how to use everything. 

    Use YouTube and blog tutorials to help walk you through the process and teach you what you need to know. Video guides are also excellent for those who are audio and visual learners. 

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      Tips for Taking the Exam

      • Take detailed notes that you can reference during the test. Google doesn’t restrict your browsing, but it’s still handy to have typed notes for a quick reference. 
      • Take your time answering the questions. It can feel like a race to finish, but it’s better to go slow and ensure you understand each question.
      • Don’t stress. You will have multiple attempts to pass the test.
      • Keep water and healthy snacks next to you to stay hydrated and energized.

      What to do After Getting Google Ads Certified

      The Google Ads Certification is an excellent starting point for understanding ad campaigns, but there is still more you can learn. Delve deeper into Google Ads, read articles, and watch videos on how to optimize your marketing techniques fully.

      You can also learn about similar software or find more innovative ways to leverage digital marketing. Companies like Adcore can analyze your digital activity to find gaps and opportunities.

      Main Takeaways

      Marketing is a continuing learning experience. Technology is ever-changing, and you must change and expand with it. Print ads are no longer king of the advertising world. Since people are always online, you’d do well to pick up new tools and skills to leverage the instant ad delivery enabled by the digital age.

      Google Ads Certifications is a step in the right direction to better position yourself and your company for the future. 

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