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    14 Top Google Ads Courses To Become a Digital Marketing Pro

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    Today, companies have heavily invested their marketing efforts in digital advertising strategies like Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and Google Ads. Many more marketing professionals are obtaining a Google Ads certification to boost their resumes and gain their foothold in advancing their company’s standing through Google-based marketing.

    How can Google Ads help you advance your business goals? You will find that Google Ads help drive company goals by boosting online and in-app sales and improving your brand’s name in your particular industry.

    PPC marketing often works by spending funds on every click your website receives. To better understand how to effectively spend your money on PPC advertising and gain the greatest return on investment, you should definitely sign up for Google Ads courses.  

    To ensure you find the proper training session, we have gathered a list of the top 14 Google Ads courses below. Take a look and sign up to learn effective PPC advertising strategies and gain the best return from your investment. 

    Table of Contents

    Things To Consider When Choosing a Google Ads Course

    Avoid Old Courses

    Outdated information will get you nowhere. Be sure your course is up-to-date!

    Know the Provider

    Is your course provider reputable, or are they a new company that promises the moon with nothing to show? 

    Don’t Duplicate Information

    If you take a course on display ads, don’t take another unless your original course was unhelpful.

    Plenty of Hours

    Keep in mind that the longer your course, the more information you’ll get, and therefore the more skills you’ll gain.

    1. Google Ads Full Course

    Reliablesoft Digital Marketing Academy provides a Google Ads Full Course where you will learn how to make your PPC advertising more profitable. The Google Ads training course is helpful for beginners, as it covers all of the basics of Google advertising, including boosting conversion rates. 

    Price: $119

    Best features: Comprehensive course that includes Google Ads, SEO for eCommerce, Facebook Ads, and more

    2. Google Ads Free Courses

    Skillshop Google Ads courses provide a training platform where you can get a Google certification. The type of certifications vary from ones meant for video-based advertisements, e-commerce Google Ads, and assessment-based certifications to search-based Google Ads and Google Ads display certifications.

    Price: Free

    Best features: Made by Google itself, so all information will be relevant

    3. Ultimate Google Ads Training

    Udemy provides access to the Ultimate Google Ads Training course, where you will learn how to set up your Google account and create a Google Ads conversion tracking and engagement platform. You will also learn to reduce your cost-per-click costs and earn a higher return.

    Price: $19.99

    Best features: This is an excellent introduction to Google Ads for someone with no digital marketing experience

    4. Google Ads Essential Training

    LinkedIn Learning provides the Google Ads Essential Training course for marketers to learn the basics of PPC advertising, keyword research, and marketing campaign creation. In the course, you will also learn all about advanced tracking and monitoring protocols.

    Price: Free trial available

    Best features: 9 quizzes to test your skills

    5. Google Ads for Beginners

    Skillshare offers a Google Ads for Beginners training course meant for people who have no prior experience with PPC advertising. The course provides plenty of practical knowledge. A qualified PPC specialist teaches the training session and includes info on keyword research, quality scores, and more. 

    Price: Free trial available

    Best features: 56 lessons available, great for beginners as it breaks everything down into digestible steps

    6. Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Certification Training

    SimpliLearn provides a more intermediate class known as the Advanced PPC Certification Training course. The session provides intermediate training for students to become Google Ads specialists.

    Price: Starts at $1,199

    Best features: Certify for Microsoft and OMCP as well

    Not all courses are created equal. Make sure the provider of your course is reputable and provides a genuinely helpful takeaway.

    7. Diploma in Google Ads

    Alison Free Online Courses offers an actual Diploma in Google Ads, which can help both marketing professionals and beginners interested in PPC. The course will teach you about billing and budgets, best practices for advertising products or services, and quality scores.

    Price: Free

    Best features: 11 modules that cover 29 topics over 15 hours of lecture

    8. Google Ads Tutorial for Beginners

    Coursera Online Courses provides a Google Ads Tutorial, a short training class introducing beginners to Google advertisements. Essentially, this is a starting area where you’ll learn how to set up your first campaign and how to track conversions.

    Price: Free

    Best features: Perfect as a crash course into Google Ads for those with no experience as it’s only two hours long

    9. PPC Fundamentals Course

    SEMRush Academy provides you with the PPC Fundamentals Course, which outlines how PPC works as well as Google advertisements and successful marketing campaigns. Here, you will learn about multi-touch conversions and setting budgets.

    Price: Free

    Best features: 36 courses with about five hours of material, perfect for a long weekend of study

    10. The Complete Google Ads Masterclass

    Udemy also offers a course called the Complete Google Ads Masterclass, which covers material like creating and tracking Google Ads campaigns, finding the right audience, and bringing your website more traffic. 

    Price: $14.99

    Best features: Great intermediate course that also provides a certificate upon completion

    11. Google Display Ads Tutorial

    Via the Google Skillshop, you can take the Google Display Ads tutorial, where you’ll learn about how Google Display Ads (images or videos popping up on blogs and sites) work and how to create these display advertisements.

    Price: Free

    Best features: Fantastic resource directly from Google about crafting quality ads

    12. Surfside PPC Tutorials for Beginners

    The digital marketing company Surfside PPC offers free and comprehensive PPC training sessions for beginners. Professional marketing specialists run the classes as well.

    Price: Free

    Best features: Learn about negative keywords during one of the many lessons available

    13. Solutions 8 PPC Course on YouTube

    Solutions 8 provides ongoing courses in video format on YouTube. These are free courses with constantly added videos, which include a screen share where you can learn how to create Google Ads and more. 

    Price: Free

    Best features: More lessons are coming as the course is ongoing

    14. 2022 New Google Ads (AdWords) Course – From Beginner to Expert on Udemy

    The 2022 New Google Ads (AdWords) Course administered via Udemy will teach you how to create a robust marketing strategy that will bring greater profits.

    Price: $15.99

    Best features: Direct contact with the instructor for personalized lessons and videos

    Things To Consider When Choosing a Google Ads Course

    Don’t take the wrong course! Here are some necessary things to consider when choosing a Google Ads course to become a digital marketing pro.

    • Avoid Old Courses 

    Google has changed a lot. Make sure that any course you take is up to date on the latest Google Ads information and isn’t relying on old, outdated data.

    • Know the Provider

    Not all courses are created equal. Make sure the provider of your course is reputable and provides a genuinely helpful takeaway.

    • Don’t Duplicate Information

    If you’ve taken one course, don’t take another on the same thing unless it’s more reputable. For example, if you take a course specifically on creating visual ads, don’t take another, as you’ll likely just get the same information.

    • Plenty of Hours

    Make sure that any course you choose provides you with enough information. If a course is only five hours long, you won’t be taking away as much as you would from a longer, more involved course.

    Main Takeaways

    The best Google Ads courses to become a digital marketing pro are Google Ads Full Course, followed by the 2021 New Google Ads (AdWords) Course by Udemy, and The Complete Google Ads Masterclass. Now that you know the best Google Ads courses available, you can sign up and learn how to become a PPC expert. Soon, your marketing efforts will pay off!

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