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    19 Best Metaverse Games

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    Online gaming has taken the world by storm. Since the invention of the internet, technology has allowed us to play with others in real-time. 

    Metaverse gaming is a virtual world where players can interact with each other and the environment around them to explore, build, fight, and make money.

    Metaverse gaming is the future of online gaming. If you are interested in joining the new age of gaming, please keep reading. This article will discuss how to play metaverse games and the 19 best metaverse games you can play right now. By the end of the article, you will be a metaverse expert!

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    Things To Consider When Choosing a Metaverse Game

    These are some important things you should consider when choosing a metaverse game. 

    The Metaverse

    In metaverse gaming, each player creates an avatar to represent them in the metaverse world. Your online avatar allows you to interact with other players and your environment. You can also customize your avatar to create an individualized experience.

    How to Play

    Metaverse games are usually played on mobile devices or computers. You may also need a virtual reality headset and a high-speed internet connection. 

    Integration With Blockchain  

    You must purchase virtual currency or in-game items to make money in metaverse mobile games. You will also need a virtual reality headset and a blockchain wallet to buy digital currencies.

    The Type of Game

    You should also consider what type of game you like playing. There is a metaverse game for every taste and style, so knowing what kind of game (i.e., fighting, adventure, card collecting, etc.) you want to play can save you time. 

    Now that you understand metaverse games, let’s look at the 19 best ones you can play.

    The Most Popular Metaverse Games 

    This list includes the most popular metaverse games you can play now. Each of these games offers something unique. The majority of these games are free to play unless otherwise noted. 

    Best for Making Money 

    These are the best metaverse games for making money. 

    UFO Gaming – Best Crypto Metaverse Game

    UFO Gaming allows you to build custom 3D games and interact with other players using DAO. You can create virtual worlds, control resources, and trade with other players.

    Cross the Ages – Best Card Collecting Game 

    Cross the Ages is an NFT card-based adventure game. There are hundreds of cards in the game with different levels of rarity. You collect cards to build a powerful team and compete against other players. You can also buy, sell, and rent your cards to other players.

    Sandbox – Best Adventure Game 

    Launched in 2012 as a mobile game, Sandbox has become one of the most popular metaverse games. In Sandbox, you create your world by building structures and placing objects and creatures anywhere in the game.

    The game allows you to create adventure, from exploring dungeons to building castles and cities. You can also customize your avatar with their clothes, weapons, and armor.

    You can sell anything you create in Sandbox in their Marketplace and develop 3D games without using code.

    Raini: Lord of Lights – Best Card Playing Game 

    Many popular card-playing games are on the metaverse, but Raini: Lord of Lights is one of the best. This metaverse game is a collectible card game with various characters and creatures to battle. You can build decks and use a combination of spells and attacks to defeat your opponents.

    Best For Casual Gaming

    These are the best metaverse games for casual gamers. 

    Himo World – Best Fighting Game

    Himo World is a game where you fight trolls and orc-like characters with swords, shields, and magic. You can collect weapons, upgrade your characters, and join guilds to fight together.

    Mobox (MBOX) – Best for Casual Fun 

    Mobox is free to play, and this game focuses on amusement. You can create entertaining environments and areas where you can interact with other players.

    Chain of Alliance – Best Fantasy Game

    Chain of Alliance is one of the metaverse’s top role-playing fantasy games. If you liked playing Final Fantasy, Chain of Alliance is the perfect metaverse game. You control up to eight characters and customize their load-outs and moves to give you the best chance of victory.

    Axie Infinity – Best Creature Capturing Game 

    If you love Pokemon, then Axie Infinity is the metaverse game for you. In Axie Infinity, you collect and battle monsters known as axies. The game features a vibrant virtual world with over 600 unique axies.

    The game also features a strategic battle system and an in-game economy based on blockchain technology. The in-game economy allows players to earn money by trading, breeding, and battling axies.

    Krystopia – Best Puzzle Game 

    Puzzle games provide hours of endless fun and brain-teasing challenges. Krystopia is the metaverse’s premier puzzle game. You can explore various planets, solve puzzles, and gain access to new levels. As you progress through the game, you collect items and earn rewards to help you reach new levels.

    These metaverse games offer a unique and immersive way to experience the metaverse. They are also great ways to make money, as you can buy and sell virtual goods, rent out land, and more.

    Metaverse Marketing

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    Best for Creatives

    These are the best metaverse games for creatively inclined people. 

    Polk City (POLC) – Best Metaverse Game for Creatives 

    Polk City is another metaverse game that allows you to make your creations. You can build virtual cities and explore a vibrant metaverse.

    AAG Ventures – Best for Social Impact

    AAG Ventures is one of the most unique metaverse games on the market. It is currently only available to players from the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, India, Russia, Nigeria, and Argentina. Each country’s players get to build a new society, and you can apply for financial support if you are experiencing financial hardship in real life.

    Roblox – Best for User-Created Content 

    Roblox is one of the original metaverse games and the most popular. The game allows you to create games, sell items, and meet friends. There are currently over 50 million user-created games available on Roblox.

    The combination of a vast community, a robust in-game economy, and a massive variety of games make Roblox one of the most fun and appealing metaverse games.

    Best Simulations 

    These are the best metaverse simulations. 

    Illuvium – Best Upcoming Game

    Although it hasn’t been released yet, Illuvium is hyped as one of the best metaverse games of all time. In this game, you hunt for creatures and monsters you can capture. After you capture the creations, you can tame them and use them to help you continue your adventure.

    Alien Worlds – Best Exploration Game 

    In Alien Worlds, you play a prospector searching for the online currency Trillium. You explore different planets and use powerful mining tools to find this rare digital metal.

    Prospectors – Best Mining Game 

    Set in the 19th century, Prospectors puts you in the middle of the gold rush. You dig for precious metals, explore vast land, and progress to higher levels. Unlike other metaverse games, you can use real money to buy tools to help you progress faster.

    Decentraland – Best Real-Life Simulation 

    Decentraland is real life but in the metaverse. You can explore a virtual world, build your own home, and interact with other players. You can even purchase land in the metaverse to create your unique spaces. You can also rent your land to others and earn income by hosting events and selling digital art.

    Magic Craft – Best MMORPG

    Magic Craft is an online multiplayer role-playing game built on Unity. It is similar to World of Warcraft and League of Legends. You can create your character and join other players to explore dungeons, fight monsters, and collect valuable treasures.

    Farmers World – Best Farming Game

    If you enjoyed playing Farmville, you must check out Farmers World. This metaverse game is all about farming and building your village. You can grow crops, raise animals, build homes, and craft items to sell to other players.

    This metaverse game allows you to make money by selling virtual goods, such as crops and animals, or renting out land to other players.

    My Neighbor Alice – Best Online Community

    My Neighbor Alice is another game that is similar to Farmville. You control a virtual farm, and you can choose what crops to grow, what animals to raise, and how to interact with the online community.

    Wrap Up

    These are just a few metaverse games you can play now. These metaverse games offer a unique and immersive way to experience the metaverse. They are also great ways to make money, as you can buy and sell virtual goods, rent out land, and more. 

    Our top three picks are Chain of Alliance, Ranini: Lord of Lights, and Roblox. Whether you want adventure or to make extra money, metaverse games are the way to go. So, don’t wait any longer and start exploring metaverse games today!

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