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    2020 New Release: Effortless Feed App on Shopify

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    We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the Effortless Feed App developed by Adcore. The new app is now available on the Shopify app store and is offered for free to all its users!

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    What is EF?

    Effortless Feed (EF) is designed for e-commerce shop owners, who wish to market their products effortlessly by integrating automation into their day-to-day marketing work. EF allows users to generate, edit, and export product data feeds to Google Shopping, Facebook Catalog, and Microsoft (Bing) Shopping.  In doing so, it eliminates the need for an expensive developer, or to rely exclusively on the platform’s API.

    The new app not only allows its users to organize and visualize product data feeds, which is known as a substantial challenge for marketers but also to export the products, apply bulk actions, and create shopping campaigns based on the most updated, real-time store data. 

    In addition, users will be able to apply over 50 different built-in editing functions and filters in an intuitive and efficient manner. The functions include:

    • Filter out products
    • Adding/removing columns in order to provide more information 
    • Change and edit descriptions and titles
    • Add image links
    • Remove HTML formatting from text
    • Similar images grouping
    • Refreshing store feed
    • Create robust product title (adding attributes to the title – such as brand name, color, size)

    Now, feeds can be clearly organized in rows and columns.

    Feeds can now be pushed out on any platform using the URL.

    At Adcore, we believe advertising should be effortless and accessible to everyone. This is exactly why we developed Effortless Feed, a new addition to our line of marketing automation products.

    Optimizing any data feed becomes easier than ever. Users can categorize products according to each channel specification and quality guidelines.  All this without making a single change on the website. 

    First Reactions 

    Charlotte has been an early adopter and one of the first Effortless Feed app users. As an experienced account manager in a digital  agency, she shares with us her experience with Effortless Feed: 

    “As an agency, we manage many clients. Some of these clients have many resources and technical knowledge and rely on platforms such as Shopify. One of the issues we were facing until now, was that their feed was directly pushed through API to the different platforms (Google Merchant Center, Facebook Catalog, or Microsoft Merchant) which gave us very poor flexibility in terms of feed optimization. Some of our clients manage feeds that have up to 200,000 products which often require edits, whether that be by removing products that should not be advertised, optimizing the wording of the title and description, or testing different images. 

    This was not possible in the past for our clients with less technical skills as their feed was pushed directly from their e-commerce platform to the advertising platforms. 

    Effortless Feed brought our business to the next level by allowing us to optimize our clients’ feeds, and therefore campaigns, in a very intuitive and seamless way.”

    While the app is only available on Shopify at the moment, we expect it to be available on more platforms in the future such as Wix, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. If your store is on Shopify,  just download EF and enjoy Adcore’s effortless advertising technology!

    About Shopify 

    Shopify is a leading commerce platform and the third-largest online retailer in the U.S. after Amazon and eBay, running over 1,000,000 businesses in 175 different countries, with 73 million products sold from partner referred merchants in 2018.  As of June 2019, 820,000 merchants are using the Shopify platform for over 500,000 active stores.  

    Shopify allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products, and start, grow, and manage a business by:

    • Creating and customizing an online store
    • Selling in multiple places, including web, mobile, social media, online marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops
    • Managing products, inventory, payments, and shipping

    For more information about Shopify click here

    We have more to offer!

    If you’re interested in learning more about Adcore and what we have to offer, consider reaching out to our incredible Elite team for a range of marketing services and checking out all of our Adcore Marketing Cloud Apps.

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