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    5 Tips To Upgrade Your Smart Shopping To Performance Max

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    If you didn’t already know, starting July 2022, the shopping campaigns will have disappeared and been replaced by the new and improved Performance Max campaign.

    A Performance Max campaign is an (almost entirely) automated campaign designed to increase conversions. Performance Max uses Google’s automated learning to reveal ads to customers across all branding channels: Search, Display, YouTube, Gmail, Discovery, Maps, and more. Users don’t have to create different campaigns for each channel as PMax campaigns will deliver ads across all channels.

    Below you will find the 5 best tips that will help make the transition from the traditional Google Smart Shopping campaign to the brand new PMax campaign in the smoothest and most efficient way.

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    To Acheive The Best Results

    To achieve the best results, it is recommended to do the following: set the conversion types, budget, and conversion value, provide relevant audience signals (including existing customer information) and provide quality ad creation assets: high-quality images, texts, and videos.

    A Performance Max campaign complements the regular search network campaigns in an account. As a result, you should not close your regular search campaigns.

    Tip #1

    When you create the PMAX campaign, make sure to give it (at least) the same daily budget as the shopping campaign it replaces.

    Remember, PMax is basically a combination of 6 different types of campaigns, so make sure that if you’re performing well with Smart Shopping and you want to have something close to the same efficiency, you should overload your PMax campaign in comparison to your Smart Shopping campaign- between 20%-30% is completely fine.

    Digital marketers may benefit significantly from the Performance Max campaign, but it is fundamentally different from the other Google Ads campaigns we are used to working with.

    Tip #2

    Give your new PMax campaign time to work and bring results, do not forget that you’re combining 5-6 different types of campaigns into the same one.

    Allow the Performance Max campaign to run for at least 4-6 weeks before starting to evaluate the campaign results and deciding to make changes.

    Tip #3

    Try splitting up to one product per asset group. The reason for this recommendation is, if you are Googling keywords around that product, you are going to see the correct shopping ad from the listing group as well as the proper search ad. That means you can control the shopping ad, display ad, discover ad, and search ad for that one product.

    Tip #4

    Build an asset group for every different audience signal. Allocate your audience signals into separate assets to help optimize the Performance Max campaign; it is crucial for the campaign’s success. 

    It is essential to add signals with the intent of having very high conversion- basically the signals are the most critical feature in a PMax campaign.

    Tip #5

    Always use URL Expansion, and at the same time, don’t forget to exclude in the URL Expansion for things that you simply don’t want; for example, things  like shipping policies, returns, blog, etc.


    Implementing these tips will help you optimize the performance to your Performance Max campaign. Through new relevant queries, your business can reach more customers who may not otherwise be found through regular campaigns. Ad performance can be improved with better understanding and usage of campaign goals, user intent, ad headlines, and other signals.

    Digital marketers may benefit significantly from the Performance Max campaign, but it is fundamentally different from the other Google Ads campaigns we are used to working with. To learn more about this campaign’s capabilities, we will need to keep an eye out for changes. For additional information, check out Adcore’s other articles Performance Max campaigns.

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