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    7 Marketers Who Absolutely Rock on TikTok

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    As TikTok keeps on gaining popularity, more and more people are utilizing it to create unique content and entertain their followers.

    As often happens with social networks, what started as an entertainment channel, instantly brought the attention of businesses and experts striving to understand how to succeed in advertising on TikTok and promoting their service or business.

    Some of them quickly realized that TikTok is an uncultivated land and jumped on the opportunity to stand out and gain massive exposure. Since good advertising completely shifted to content-sharing-base marketing, the focus on genuine interaction with the audience is prominent more than ever.

    7 Marketers Who Absolutely Rock on TikTok

    They are sharing their knowledge in creative and funny ways, providing added value to their followers. These are the marketers that you must follow on TikTok!

    So, what is the potential?

    As a marketer on TikTok, you can easily reach your audience and share your knowledge while gaining credibility. Also, as opposed to Instagram that already turned into a saturated platform that is quite difficult to break through, on TikTok, one successful video can make you famous overnight. In other words, you can reach your audience with less effort!

    Now, if that sounds intriguing to you, check out how your fellow marketers did it. Some of them share tips and tricks, and others talk about strategy and creatives. Either way, they are sharing their knowledge in creative and funny ways, providing added value to their followers. These are the best marketers on TikTok that you must follow!

    1. Maryannedamarzo

    Mary-Anne  Da’Marzo from Firebelly Media, a digital agency based in London, is doing an amazing work, sharing her tips and tricks about different aspects of digital marketing. From strategy and marketing plan tips to great extensions and useful tools, Mary-Anne has mastered the “How-to” TikToks and is someone you definitely want to follow. 

    2. Itxmejules

    Julia is the founder and CEO of Matches Media,  a social media PR & marketing agency. With almost 250K followers, Jules is sharing her knowledge about numerous marketing and advertising subjects including Instagram hacks, marketing psychology and content ideas.


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    3. invisible_influence

    Ryan McNeill is a skilled marketer and a videographer. In his TikToks he analyzes campaigns and discusses different marketing studies concerning the influence of the masses. You can boost your professional understanding of human psychology with Ryan’s great content.

    4. Zocomarketing

    Corbin White from Zocomarketing provides marketing consultation and creates very useful content, especially for beginners to intermediate marketers. Corbin focuses mainly on the PPC side of advertising, sharing extensive knowledge about Google Ads, Shopify, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Pinterest and more.

    5. simplydigital

    In his words, he is “simplifying digital marketing”. With his dry wit TikToks, and deadly serious expression, Constantine, the CEO of Simply Digital agency from Greece, shares his two cents about online hacks, the do’s and don’ts (especially don’ts) concerning digital marketing and other tips for growth on multiple channels. 

    6. Marketingdudes

    Marketing Dudes is an agency providing marketing services for local businesses. They decided to utilize TikTok by presenting interesting brand campaigns and marketing strategies, including McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts and even the British Army.  

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      7. Withcoramarie

      On top of sharing her secrets about social media management (SMM), Cora Marie is also super fun to listen to. Gracefully, she shares her tips on video marketing, social content, social hacks, and growth strategies on both Instagram and TikTok.

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