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    Adcore Wins New Contract with Best & Less


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    Adcore Inc. announced a new contract with Au Australian retailer Best & Less (ASX: BST). Pursuant to this contract, Adcore Australia will provide services to Best & Less to manage its search engine marketing (SEM) efforts. Best & Less is a retailer of clothing and household linens with 185 stores as well as an online platform.

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    Omri Brill, CEO of Adcore, commented, “We are excited that Adcore Australia has been selected by   leading retailer Best & Less to manage its search engine marketing activity. With the COVID-19 pandemic subsiding and brick-and-mortar establishments reopening, retailers are searching for effective strategies to continue to grow their ecommerce success. Adcore’s suite of best-in-class ecommerce and digital marketing technologies and solutions provides retailers with the tools they need to continue expanding their online presence and navigate the next phase in the growth of their business. We are energized by this opportunity to work with Best & Less and look forward to establishing additional relationships as the global ecommerce and digital advertising markets continue their tremendous growth.”

    Adcore Australia has been selected by the leading retailer Best & Less to manage its search engine marketing activity.

    Ronit Moll, General Manager of Adcore Australia, commented, “Our appointment by Best & Less to manage its search engine marketing activity is a testament to the profile and reputation that Adcore has established as a leader in the Australian e-commerce markets. Since we launched four years ago, Adcore Australia has won the APAC Search Award for Best PPC Agency in 2021 and 2022 and has grown into a premier technological agency in the region. We continue to invest substantially in our proprietary MarTech solutions and channel partnerships, and look forward to working with Best & Less to enhance its e-commerce and digital marketing presence throughout Australia.”

    Kerry Scotney, General Manager of Digital and eCommerce at Best & Less, commented, “Best and Less have made great progress in delivering accelerated growth from our online business over the last two and half years and now as we enter the next phase of our Omni Channel growth plans, we wanted to bolster our performance marketing capability, and we firmly believe Adcore Australia is the right partner to see us through this next phase.”

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