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    Adcore’s New My Cloud Home Page

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    Everything You Need To Know in Less Than 50 Words

    Adcore’s newly launched My Cloud home page offers a quick overview of the most recent feature updates made to AMC, all the latest marketing articles, tutorial videos, first steps to start working with AMC, and a view of each user’s Effortless Marketing points.

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    My Cloud gives Adcore users a quick overview of everything the company offers, from first steps to AMC apps for non-PPC specialists to the latest AMC updates and blog posts. The My Cloud home page is divided into sections. Using Adcore Marketing cloud’s apps and features is easier than ever with this convenient, user-friendly layout. 

    At first glance, users will notice a guide on the first steps for first-time Feeditor users. Short video tutorials can also be found on the My Cloud page, helping all users get great results (PPC specialists and non-specialists alike).

    AMC’s latest product updates, as well as marketing articles written by our own Adcore team members, can be found on My Cloud. The Effortless Points counter will show users how many points they have gained so far and how many points are left to redeem for PPC gifts. Effortless Points are gained by automating tasks, sharing reviews, and referring friends to AMC. Automating more tasks earns you more Effortless Points, and the more you earn, the faster you can redeem them!  

    Not sure you want to commit to a new app? AMC offers a free 21-day trial. While on the trial period, a counter of the number of days left until the trial’s end will be visible at the top of the page. By clicking “I want to subscribe,” a team member will contact you and help you become one of AMC’s many satisfied users. Check it out now by clicking here for more information on Adcore’s apps!

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