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    Auto-Generated Remarketing Lists and More: Microsoft Ads Release New Features

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    Microsoft Advertising’s May product roundup showcases many exciting new features for advertisers. Auto-generated remarketing lists, Smart Remarketing lists, Dynamic Search Ads, and more have been introduced or upgraded to improve user experience. These services offer business owners multiple new avenues to gauge their targeted advertising success.

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    The biggest of Microsoft’s recent features is its auto-generated remarketing lists. For those unfamiliar, “remarketing” targets ads toward people who have already visited your site at least once. 

    Remarketing lists help you target the visitors likely to convert or take action on your website. You may have remarketing lists already, but Microsoft’s new features tackle some of the work by auto-generating remarketing lists for:

    • All visitors to your site from the last 30 days
    • All visitors who have converted in the last 180 days
    • Visitors that Microsoft Advertising’s Smart Remarketing identifies as most likely to convert

    This new tool is a great option for those just starting to learn how to target ads or those looking to streamline their online marketing.

    Marketing Ads' auto-generated remarketing lists, Smart Remarketing lists, and more have been introduced or upgraded to improve user experience.

    Expansion of Dynamic Search Ads

    Microsoft’s Dynamic Search Ads service is a massive time-saver for businesses. Microsoft Advertising scans your website and pulls out relevant keywords and search queries. It then targets users who use those keywords and queries with ads for your website. 

    Dynamic Search Ads are another great tool that marketing newcomers can take advantage of and works great for websites with a large catalog of web pages and products that constantly change.

    The Dynamic Search Ads feature is available in almost 100 countries, the most recent additions to India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela.

    The expansion of the Dynamic Search Ads service doesn’t stop there. Users are now able to add DSAs to subdomains. Microsoft also supports exact auto-target URLs so that your DSAs only go to the specific URL you want.

    Microsoft Audience Network Updates

    Microsoft released a few new updates to their Audience Network including:

    • CPM (cost per mile/thousand) pricing on both image and video ads so you can set the specific cost you want to pay per thousand views.
    • Multi-Asset Audience Ads; allowing you to create a combination of up to sixteen images, fifteen short headlines, five long headlines, and five descriptions.
    • Automated bidding, currently in piloting, will allow you to maximize conversions while keeping the CPC low.

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      Manage Audience Ads Images

      Microsoft is constantly updating its Advertising Editor. This latest update allows users to manage the images for their Audience Ads when creating new ads and when uploading, deleting and replacing images.

      These new features continue to increase the ease and convenience of Microsoft’s advertising tools. With the new auto-generated remarketing lists and upgrades to Dynamic Search Ads, the Audience Network, and the Advertising editor, you’ll be able to reach your target audience more easily and effectively than ever.

      Source: Microsoft

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