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    Bing and Edge: AI-Powered Web Copilots

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    The launch of an all-new, AI-powered Bing search engine and Edge browser, is now available in preview at, to deliver better search, more complete answers, a new chat experience, and the ability to generate content.

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    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently announced that artificial intelligence (AI) will fundamentally change every software category, starting with search. As a result, Microsoft has launched a new version of Bing and Edge that are powered by AI to help people get more out of their search and web browsing experience.

    Despite the 10 billion search queries made every day, half of them go unanswered because search was originally designed for simpler tasks like finding a website. To address this, Microsoft has brought together search, browsing, and chat into one unified experience that can be accessed from anywhere on the web.

    The new Bing offers improved search results for simple things like sports scores, stock prices, and weather, with a new sidebar that shows more comprehensive answers if needed. It reviews results from across the web to find and summarize the answer you’re looking for. For more complex searches, like planning a trip itinerary or researching a new product, the new Bing offers an interactive chat experience that empowers you to refine your search until you get the complete answer you are looking for by asking for more details and clarity. Additionally, the new Bing can help generate content like emails, itineraries, or job interview prep material, with links to relevant web content.

    Microsoft has also updated the Edge browser with new AI capabilities and a new look, including a chat function that allows you to ask for a summary of a lengthy financial report and then use the chat function to ask for a comparison to a competing company’s financials and automatically put it in a table. You can also ask Edge to help you compose content, such as a LinkedIn post, by giving it a few prompts to get you started.

    These groundbreaking new search experiences are made possible by Microsoft’s commitment to building Azure into an AI supercomputer for the world, and OpenAI’s use of this infrastructure to train breakthrough models that are now being optimized for Bing. The new Bing experience is a culmination of four technical breakthroughs, including a next-generation OpenAI model, a Microsoft Prometheus model, the application of AI to core search algorithms, and a new user experience.

    Microsoft and OpenAI are also working together to implement safeguards to defend against harmful content, such as misinformation and disinformation, content blocking, data safety, and preventing the promotion of harmful or discriminatory content. Microsoft’s responsible AI ecosystem, including researchers, engineers, and policy experts, is also working to develop new approaches to mitigate risk.


    In conclusion, the new Bing is available in a limited preview on desktop, and everyone can visit to try sample queries and sign up for the waitlist. Microsoft plans to scale the preview to millions in the coming weeks, with a mobile experience also in preview soon. Microsoft hopes to receive critical feedback that will help improve its models as they scale.

    Source: Microsoft

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