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    Ministry of Diaspora Affairs CTV Christmas Campaign

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    Campaign Goals

    Generate awareness and reach new audiences in new platforms to maximize reach, during the holiday season.

    Executive Summary

    • We focused on a Connected TV (CTV) media type in order to generate awareness and reach new audience per the client’s goal. 
    • Through ongoing negotiations, we managed to build a PG media plan via HULU, in lower costs.


    • Leveraging Adcore’s programmatic capabilities and professional expertise resulted in a successful programmatic CTV campaign during the Christmas holiday break.



    Find the right media to reach new audiences in short time and low costs, during the holiday season.

    Main challenges:

    1. Expensive costs due to holidays peak season.


    2. Limited placement and inventory available.


    3. Creatives Policy Approval – Involves highly sensitive content.


    Main Actions

    • Contact popular CTV (Connected TV) publishers and negotiate for best terms per budget limitations and KPI.

    • Define a comprehensive programmatic guaranteed (PG) strategy with the chosen publisher, HULU. This included target audience, GEOs, and bidding.

    • Optimize creative ensuring maximum performance in line with the campaign’s objectives.

    • Built programmatic CTV campaigns via DV360 and CM360 and execute until to full delivery.


    Focus on CTV media platform to reach new audience and negotiating a PG deal with HULU to gain optimal CPM costs.

    This included:

    • Working closely with HULU and the client to build a CTV media plan.


    • Negotiate deal and terms that align with campaign KPI goals.


    • Rapidly executing Programmatic Guaranteed campaigns via DV360.


    • Approval of the creative and connecting it via CM360 platform.


    • Monitoring and optimizing to reach full delivery and maximize awareness.



    Budget – $152K

    Media – Connected TV

    Platform – DV360 & CM360

    Geos – US (NY, DC & LA)

    Duration – 7 days

    Publisher – HULU

    Content Type –

    • News
    • Sport
    • Entertainment



    Unique Users Reach

    Maximize reach via CTV media through applying frequency target based on Adcore’s best practice.



    Leveraging HULU inventory enables us to maximize awareness within target CPM costs.

    Ministry of Diaspora Affairs (MOD)

    Year established: 1999

    Head Quarters: Tel Aviv, Israel


    The MOD is a government body which connects government activities with the global Jewish diaspora, facilitating communication and unity through diverse channels.

    the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs (MOD) set out to achieve a crucial objective: to generate awareness and reach new audiences across new platforms

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