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    Discount Filters – An Account Restructuring Led to Outstanding Growth Within 3 Months

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    Adcore Success team started working with Discount Filters internal marketing team in December 2020, accompanied by both Google and Microsoft strategic partners experts.

    By implementing Adcore’s dynamic campaign creation and feed editing tools, Discount Filters organized and consolidated their activity, driving significant growth in revenue and saving valuable labor.

    Executive Summary

    Discount Filters, the successful North American filters company, decided to improve their campaign performance in Google Ads & Microsoft Ads. Adcore provided a new strategy to the accounts and campaigns structure, improving performance and saving the marketing team time and effort.

    Smart Strategy

    Together with Google and Microsoft as our strong partners, we’ve built a smart account strategy and defined business goals that could be accurately translated to a campaign structure.


    Growth in Revenue

    After 3 months of effective strategy, DiscountFilters’ revenue increased significantly.



    Precious time was saved on campaign management due to Adcore’s dynamic campaign creation tool, making sure that campaigns are created automatically and updated according to changes in stock quantity and pricing.

    Achievable Plan

    Accurate goals, plans and expectations aligned with business strategy, building an achievable step-by-step action plan for account restructuring and campaign creation.


    The client sells their multiple brands, all self-owned. Under each brand, there are more than 50 products and hundreds of models.

    Therefore, the activity was split to multiple accounts, each one running more than 50 campaigns. These campaigns required a lot of ongoing maintenance, keeping them aligned with changes in stock and pricing.

    They searched for a way to scale the activity while trying to lower the amount of labor needed to maintain the activity.

    Main Actions

    • Account and website analysis
    • Account restructuring plan, consolidating each account activity to 2-9 campaigns instead of 50+
    • Feed editing and optimization using Feeditor
    • Feed-based dynamic campaign creation using Adcore Views
    • Test trial on chosen accounts, fine-tuning and then expansion for all accounts 


    After a couple of meetings which helped the success team to learn and analyze the activity and challenges, we have made a strategic work plan offering a new account structure, while focusing on each brand’s goals and history.

    Using Adcore’s campaign technology, the client created dynamic campaigns that are more aligned with Google’s best practices and automation. Using dynamic parameters and auto-sync also helped to reduce the amount of maintenance the new campaigns needed to almost zero.

    In addition, we hold regular strategic calls with Google & Microsoft dedicated team, to accompany the change in account structure and provide additional support. 

    About Discount Filters

    Year established: 2011
    Employees: 51 – 200
    Head Quarters: USA
    Industry: eCommerce, Household Supplies

    Discount Filters is a successful North American filters company. Its goal is to be a part of your homeownership routine, for life. From finding the right filter, to ordering and receiving your purchase, as well as properly replacing your old one.

    Adcore has been vital in making our massive PPC campaigns manageable. It is easy to use and highly customizable which is perfect for anyone who wants control over their PPC efforts. The Adcore support team is extremely responsive and helpful in getting our objectives met. Happy with it!”

    Syed Raza – Discount Filters

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