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    A Laser-Focused Pre-Order Campaign Increased Elegoo’s Revenue by 127%

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    Executive Summary

    Elegoo, the top Chinese 3D printer manufacturer, decided to launch an early bird pre-order campaign for two months. Adcore analyzed the market potential, researched the relevant audiences, and executed a well-targeted campaign, which quickly led to outstanding results. 

    Thanks to the Adcore team’s strategy, our advertising technologies, and Google’s advanced tools, we are now able to showcase Elegoo’s successful results



    Such increase in revenue was achieved due to successful execution, using a converting landing page, reaching the right audience, and constantly optimizing bids based on data analysis. 



    Reaching the relevant audience and evoking the urge to buy in a “last chance” campaign increased the purchase rate by more than a hundred percent. Parallelly, ROAS increased by nearly 13%!



    A well-targeted audience and an increased budget enabled us to enlarge the products’ exposure while bringing more traffic and clicks to the pre-order landing page.

    Geographic Expansion

    This campaign included a dynamic-geo-based URL that improved the user experience and allowed us to expand the target audience to 7 new strong countries. 


    • Elegoo had 20% overlapping keywords of the pre-order, and regular campaigns required correct modification and adjustment.
    • The campaign had three different price stages (early bird, pre-order, regular). Each had to be communicated and targeted accordingly.  
    • Personal home use 3D printer is an innovative product and initially was made for industrial use; therefore, Elegoo’s audience is specific and quite limited.

    Main Actions

    • We gave the pre-order campaign a more aggressive target. Meanwhile, we made the evergreen campaigns more strict. 
    • Based on the research, we have created audience groups and let Google’s algorithms study them for an optimal learning period. 
    • For optimal results, we made several A/B tests on the products’ titles. To do so, we used Feeditor and Views to find and replace the best-performing keywords automatically. 
    • To maximize the coverage of the keywords and achieve the highest CTR, we created the A/B testing period on pre-order items’ titles using our automation tools.


    • We analyzed where most of the relevant audience is, explicitly looking for the 3D printers (in blogs, websites, tech news, etc.) 
    • Our research revealed that the relevant audience was mainly gamers, tech-savvy adopters, and science movie fans interested in printing their favorite characters in 3D.
    • Our primary strategy focused on separating the campaigns based on the three different pricing types to maximize the results for each pricing stage.
    • Feeditor was used to recognize the price changes according to the campaign’s pricing type and automatically update the ads’ display price.

    About Elegoo

    Year established: 2015
    Employees: 201 – 500
    Head Quarters: USA
    Industry: eCommerce, electronics, Consumer Goods

    Elegoo is a 3D printer manufacturer. Elegoo’s vision statement is, “With the help of programming and 3D printing technology, we can create almost anything—Elegoo provides geeks with the key to a new world.”

    “We’ve been working with Adcore for only three months now and already see outstanding results. They truly are advertising specialists and work hard to achieve our goals, particularly in expanding our business globally. I have no hesitation in recommending Adcore’s Elite service to anyone who seeks to take their performance to new heights.”

    Kevin Wong, Marketing Director, Elegoo

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