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    Get $100+ In Free Coupons with Google Ads Promo Code

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    What Are Google Ads Coupons?

    What Is Google Ads Promo Code?


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    Free promotion and client attraction with Google Ads Coupons and Promo Codes.

    You’ve heard it before: it takes money to make money.

    For many business owners, marketing is necessary, but costs can prevent companies from marketing effectively. Thankfully, significant advertisers occasionally offer promotional codes and coupons to encourage entrepreneurs and individuals to use their services, such as Google Advertising.

    This guide will teach you all about how Google Ads promo codes and coupons can boost your business and attract the appropriate audience to your content.

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    Table of Contents

    What Are Google Ads Promotional Codes?

    Google Ads, an advertising network that promotes over 98% of businesses, features some of the most valuable promotions on the market. It’s very simple to use and can reach hundreds of people quickly. 

    Google Ads is the leading advertising network in the industry associated with the popular search engine Google. Businesses and advertisers use Google Ads to display their announcements and advertisements, launch their products, or draw audiences to their websites.

    Many advertisers like Google Ads offer promotional codes to encourage users to take advantage of their service. Promotional codes are computer-generated coupons that provide discounts at checkout.

    Google Ads promo codes allow new advertisers and businesses to promote on Google Ads without committing to the investment that ad campaigns typically require.

    You cannot request a promo code. You must search for them online or wait until Google Ads offers the code as part of a larger sale or special offer.

    The #1 Reason Why You Need To Get a Google Ads Promo Code

    Google Ads promo codes let you reap the benefits of advertising without incurring the typical cost. Advertising is expensive; the average small business spends $9,000 to $10,000 on marketing every month.

    With Google Ads, users can familiarize themselves with the process and assess the results without overspending on marketing. A promotional code is essentially free advertising—and most new businesses will take all they can get!

    How To Get Your Google Ads Promo Code in 8 Easy Steps

    Google Advertising awards promotional codes as part of a special offer. Individuals typically do not request promo codes. To obtain a promo code, you must have an account and meet specific criteria. For example, Google Ads will often require you to spend a certain amount to earn more. For example, you may be eligible for $25 in free advertisements when you spend $10.

    If you have not yet done so, navigate to Google Ads and select “create an account.” You will need to enter your business information (name, URL, and services) and create a primary ad campaign to get started. After creating your account, you can begin to find and claim promo codes.

    Follow the steps below to add promo codes to your Google Advertising account.

    Step 1: Search for Promo Codes on Third-Party Websites. 

    Start by searching for promotional deals on third-party websites. If you have your website, check to see if your web builder or hosting provider offers promotional codes.

    Typically, hosting providers like HostGator and BlueHost will offer promo codes for Google Ads and other advertising platforms. You can also search for promo codes on websites like Wix and Squarespace.

    Lastly, check with your business banker to see if they offer promotional codes.

    Step 2: Search for Promo Codes Online. 

    There are hundreds of coupon aggregate sites that offer coupons and discount codes. 

    Although some of these sites are not credible or feature expired codes, you can check legitimate sites that get their results directly from Google.

    CouponFollow, for instance, obtains results directly from Google Ads, so any codes you find there will most likely work.

    Step 3: Search for Promo Codes Directly on Google Ads.

    You will need to have an established account to search for promo codes on Google Ads. Once you have created your account, check to see which promotions are available to you. You will typically see the promo codes under your notifications. 

    There are several promo codes that Google Ads offers to users: 

    • Promo codes for new users are ad credits awarded at account creation. Google Ads will typically grant $500 in ad credit after you spend $500. You can also obtain this code by creating a Google Business profile.
    • Google Ads for Nonprofits is a unique promotional program that offers free advertising to non-profit organizations. You may be eligible to earn up to $10,000 in ad credits from the service.

    Holidays and special occasions are an excellent time to check Google Ads for special promotions.

    Remember to pay attention to your marketing metrics and invest your money where it will make the most difference. Google will do the hard advertising work for you, but you must make sure that the relevant audience will be seeing your advertisements.

    Step 4: Write Down or Copy Your Code. 

    A typical coupon code is a combination of letters and numbers. To avoid losing your code, write it down or copy it on your computer.

    Do not lose your code or share it with anyone else, as it may be unique to you, and you do not want to give your benefits away.

    Step 5: Log in to Google Ads 

    Log in to your Google Advertising account. Make sure that you have already created a campaign or advertisement, as you may not be able to see your promo codes until you do.

    Additionally, ensure that you have entered a billing method on your account. You will need to have a card or account on file to use the promo code.

    Step 6: Check Your Promotions 

    To check your promotions, follow these steps: 

    1. Head to the “Tools” tab in your Google Ads account.
    2. Select the “Billing” icon.
    3. Select the “Promotions” icon.
    4. On this page, you will see all the promotions associated with your account. Active codes are currently in use. Expired codes are no longer available.

    Step 7: Enter Your Code.

    Retrieve your promo code and enter it in the space that displays the following: “XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX.” 

    Ensure that you enter the code precisely as you found it, with capital letters and numbers.

    Step 8: Run Your Code and Enjoy Your Newfound Visibility!

    Once you have entered your code, you are ready to enjoy the benefits of the free promotion.

    Run your ads and pay careful attention to your marketing metrics (available on Google Ads). This will allow you to determine how well your ad performs so you can change features or re-direct funds as needed.

    Couponer - Google Ads Coupons

    Tips for Successful Advertising with Google Promo Codes

    Google Advertising is a valuable tool for any business or content creator. With $100+ in free coupons from the advertising service, you can acclimate yourself to the marketing process and learn the industry’s ins and outs before making a more significant investment.

    Remember to pay attention to your marketing metrics and invest your money where it will make the most difference. Google will do the hard advertising work for you, but you must make sure that the relevant audience will be seeing your advertisements. 

    Google may also update or add new promo codes as time goes on, so check your sources every so often to see if there are any new codes available.

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