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    Advertising A Huge & Ever-Changing Inventory While Meeting ROAS Goal

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    Creating via Adcore’s technologies a wide variety of fully automated search campaigns and updating dynamically with the constant changes to the website’s inventory and pricing without compromising on the client’s ROAS goal.

    Executive Summary

    Adcore started working with GetPrice in April 2014 and delivered great results, with significant year-over-year growth in conversion volume while consistently meeting changing ROAS goals.

    By combining Adcore Feeditor’s feed editing and Adcore Views’ dynamic campaign creation, we created an ever-adapting digital advertising environment, immune to fluctuations in the website’s product variety, inventories and prices.

    This strategy led to high visibility to the right audience and to a very large increase in conversion volume while transforming GetPrice’s online activity from non-profitable to ROI positive.



    Creating fully automated search campaigns updating dynamically with inventory & pricing changes, provided for an accurate depiction of the website’s best offers and boosted conversions.



    (Return on Ads Spend)

    The huge increase in conversions allowed us to leverage automated bid strategies to quickly increase ROAS and profitability for a previously non-profitable PPC activity.


    Instantly increasing conversions and traffic to the website required effective ongoing communication and transparency, to meet business goals and sufficient profitability levels.


    Significantly increasing website traffic of thousands of products with varying margins involved many result-driven decisions & required us to be constantly ready to adjust to meet the client’s goals.


    GetPrice, one of the top online price comparison companies in Australia was aiming to expand its paid online activity and presence but was very limited due to the everchanging products, inventory and prices of the thousands of products presented on the website.

    Main Actions

    • Created multiple automated campaigns using Adcore’s in-house proprietary technology to quickly increase relevant traffic and conversion volume significantly.
    • Leveraged the huge increase in conversions to better utilize automated bid strategies and quickly increase ROAS and profitability.


    By utilizing Adcore Feeditor’s feed editing and Adcore Views’ dynamic updating capabilities we created multiple fully automated search campaigns, effectively mapping the entire website’s array of thousands of products.

    Each campaign promoted only relevant products and included ads promoting the lowest offered price for each product at any given time.

    In a very short time frame, relevant paid traffic and conversions grew exponentially and transformed GetPrice’s online activity from non-profitable to ROI positive and on goal with outstanding results.

    About GetPrice

    Year established: 2005
    Employees: 11-50
    Head Quarters: Australia
    Industry:  eCommerce, Price Comparison

    Getprice is Australia’s leading online comparison shopping site and a perennial top ten e-commerce destination. Getprice lists more than 3.5 million products from over 1,200 retailers nationwide and attracts more than 1.5 million visits each month.

    “We have used Adcore Elite for our PPC activity for years and they have always done a fantastic job. They stay on top of everything and work hard to ensure our goals are met. I couldn’t recommend them more highly!”

    Charles Gerard, Senior Ecommerce Manager, GetPrice

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