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    Google Ads Update Marketing Appeal with Changes in Display

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    Google Ads is updating its display platform to provide users with the best advertising experience possible. These updates include larger favicons for websites, bold black text labels, and the ability to display website names beside the favicon. These changes should improve ad performance and enhance the user experience.

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    As part of its efforts to improve user experience, Google Ads is receiving display updates. Google has announced exciting changes for ads on the search engine’s platform. The site names for display ads will now appear in a larger, more legible font. In addition, favicons (the small logo associated with a website) will now be more prominent within the ad. 

    Finally, the “Ad” label will now appear as bold black text instead of the previous green color. These changes aim to enhance user experience and make it easier for users to distinguish between organic search results and paid ads on the platform. The bolder fonts and distinct favicons will allow businesses to receive more traffic to their sites. 

    These changes will add more context to the search page so that consumers can find what they are looking for quickly and easily. With these updates, Google continues to fulfill its commitment to transparency and simplicity in its advertising offerings. Changes will support both businesses and customers by making their advertising more transparent and easy for people to find.

    This change comes in tandem with another recent update that allows Google Ads users to test Google Ad recommendations before fully implementing them for their campaigns. These experiments allow advertisers to see how a new feature may work with their advertising strategy and discover new ways to promote their businesses and products. 

    As of now, the updates are primarily for mobile users, as the differences in mobile and desktop browsers mean that mobile internet searchers often need help finding what they need. However, as time goes on, Google plans to implement these updates for their desktop browsing apps to promote consistency across devices. 

    Businesses using or considering using Google Ads should keep an eye out for these changes in the coming weeks as the site’s programming begins to implement them. Google says that these changes will make ads more distinguishable in search results. This feature benefits Google Ads users by improving ad performance and click-through rate.

    Source: Blog.Google

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