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Google has announced a new format of vehicle ads they will be introducing on Google Search at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Show. These vehicle ads will show nearby cars for sale when performing a google search for cars to purchase. It’s available in the U.S right now but will be made available in more countries soon. Google claims these vehicle ads can help companies reach more customers.

New vehicle ads on Search

New vehicle ads format on Search. Source: Google 

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When a customer searches for a vehicle they want to purchase, Google Search will show multiple options of vehicles they can purchase or get delivered. This includes pictures and information such as model, price, location, and mileage. When they click or tap on the vehicle of their choice the ad will direct them to the vehicle description page on a company’s website. From here a customer can access a company’s contact information, lead forms, and more. This will help companies optimize online conversions(leads) and offline conversions(store visits). 

If companies want their ads to be posted with this new format, they need to create a vehicle inventory data feed. They will then have to connect it to Google’s Merchant Center. The data feed needs to contain relevant details about their vehicles such as color, model, price, etc. With this data in hand, Google will be able to match the details of your products with a customer’s search. 

Improved Targeting

Google’s vehicle ads format will help a company’s vehicles get in front of customers, moving them closer to making a purchase. The new vehicle ads format will provide: 

  • More qualified leads by showing customers key info and pictures about a car before they need to click. 
  • Optimization of leads and store visits
  • Automated targeting that will show customers your most relevant products for their search
  • More exposure 

More developments in technology are improving marketing for companies online. The Google vehicle ads format is just one of the many improvements to advertising made. 

Source: Google Blog

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