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    Google Enhances Search Ad Performance with AI Tools

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    Google Ads has announced new tools that use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the performance of search ads. These changes aim to help businesses connect with their target audiences by monitoring evolving trends in consumer behavior and search patterns.

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    The new features include automatically creating ad assets using Google’s AI, enabling responsive search ads to display the most suitable asset combinations, including new assets generated based on the ad’s unique context. Advertisers can also remove any automatically created assets they don’t want to include in their ads. This tool is now available in English to all advertisers as an open beta. Early adopters have seen a 2% increase in conversions at a comparable cost per conversion among ad groups with responsive search ads.

    Google Ads has also introduced a new global customer acquisition goal for search campaigns. This feature enables marketers to easily build a consistent pipeline of new customers using Smart Bidding and first-party data. By combining this new customer acquisition goal with bidding strategies such as Maximize conversion value with a target ROAS, marketers can prioritize and discover new customers who are more valuable to their business. The new customer acquisition goal has two modes: Value New Customer and New Customers Only. The first bids higher for new customers than existing customers, while the second bids for new customers only.

    These new features aim to help advertisers achieve better results with their search campaigns by promoting greater creativity and improved performance. Google Ads wants to ensure that the best ad is delivered to the right individual at the right time, which can be achieved with a wide range of relevant creative assets. However, it can be challenging to develop additional headlines and descriptions. The new tools aim to tackle this issue and enhance the relevance of ads by customizing headlines and improving their relevance to the query.


    In summary, Google Ads’ new features of automatically created assets and customer acquisition goals can benefit marketers by enhancing the relevance of their ads, connecting them with new customers, and ultimately boosting campaign performance. These updates are set to be released in the upcoming weeks, and advertisers can expect to see improvements in their search campaigns as a result of these new tools. By leveraging the power of AI, Google Ads aims to make it easier for advertisers to create compelling ad campaigns that resonate with their target audiences and drive business growth.

    Source: Search Engine Journal

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