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    Google Rolls Out Ad Frequency Targeting For YouTube Campaigns

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    Everything You Need to Know in Less Than 50 Words

    Google has announced an important change for YouTube campaigns that can help marketers maximize their conversions and save money. The search engine giant has recently introduced Ad Frequency Targeting for YouTube campaigns. 

    Google’s new Ad Frequency Targeting gives advertisers more control over the number of times their ads are seen on YouTube. 

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    Many advertisers find it difficult to reach their target audiences without overburdening them with the same campaign. The problem? When consumers are bombarded with repetitious ads too often, they begin to tune them out, which can hurt the conversions of their campaigns and cost advertisers money. 

    As a modern advertiser, it’s essential to understand that consumers can often get easily annoyed if they’re bombarded with the same advertisement over and over again.

    For advertisers, nothing is more important than a successful marketing campaign. Creating a successful marketing campaign is about finding a balance between delivering content that will resonate with your audience while keeping them interested and engaged. 

    This new Ad Frequency Targeting provides just that; it’s good news for advertisers and Youtube users alike. Fortunately, no one knows this better than Google. 

    A recent study conducted by Google itself found that TV advertisers’ return on investment (ROI) decreases by 41% when the frequency exceeds 6+ weekly impressions, representing 46% of TV impressions served. 

    In an effort to help advertisers maximize reach and get the best ROI, Google has recently rolled out ad frequency targeting for their YouTube campaigns. 

    How It Works

    This new feature promises to help prevent such an issue.  Advertisers can run the same YouTube campaign up to four times a week.

    With this new targeting feature enabled for YouTube campaigns, advertisers will no longer have to worry about running the risk of annoying consumers, which will ultimately result in greater conversions and returns on their investments.

    With this enhanced control, brands can ensure that viewers don’t feel bombarded by repetition and that audiences get a seamless experience without detrimentally impacting actual campaign performance.

    With target frequency, advertisers can ensure people see their ads just enough times to maximize impressions without sacrificing return on investment (ROI).


    Google’s target frequency capability is a game-changer for advertisers. It gives advertisers more control over how often their ads are seen on YouTube, allowing them to create campaigns that can target the desired number of impressions without annoying or alienating viewers. 

    Google provides advertisers with the flexibility to define short-term and long-term goals and helps them to increase awareness while also paying attention to ROI—allowing advertisers to strike a balance between impactful advertising and cost efficiency. 

    Google noted that the majority of the YouTube campaigns reached frequency goals when they followed the recommended practices.

    This technology was previously exclusive to Connected TV campaigns in Google Display & Video 360, but now it’s available for all YouTube campaigns globally. 

    Source: Search Engine Land

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