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    Could Google’s New Tool Fix Online Buyers Remorse?

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    Google recently launched new tools aimed at improving the online shopping experience. According to Google, 98% of people worldwide shop online, whether they are just researching products, browsing, or ultimately buying. These new tools are part of Google’s “Shop with Confidence” initiative, designed to prevent the common problem of “buyer’s remorse.”

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    One of the new tools is the Shopping Graph, which offers price insights to help users ascertain when and where to buy. This tool scans over 35 billion product listings and provides real-time information on whether the current price is typical for the market or high/low compared to other sellers. It also offers additional information such as product availability, reviews, colors, sizes, materials, and even YouTube product videos.

    The Shopping Graph is similar to Google’s Knowledge Graph, which is a database of facts about people, places, and things. With this tool, Google aims to offer further transparency and help users make informed purchase decisions.

    Another new tool is enhanced Coupon Clipping features, which aim to identify and apply promo codes from across the web. Google plans to make these promotions more visible by adding a “special offers” promotion badge to products. Shoppers can tap the item and “clip” the coupon by copying and pasting it on the retailer site during checkout.


    These tools demonstrate Google’s commitment to enhancing the online shopping experience for users. By providing real-time price insights and making promotions more visible, Google hopes to prevent “buyer’s remorse” and help users make informed purchase decisions. These tools also highlight the importance of transparency and accessibility in e-commerce, which can help build trust between users and retailers.

    Source: Yahoo

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