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    How To Get a Google Ads Certification?

    Ad PlatformsCareerCourses and CertificationsGoogle AdsSkills Development


    Skillshop account creation, Google Ads or marketing product experience

    Total time:

    Exam: 75 minutes, Study time: 5-6 hours



    Task Yields:

    Google Ads or Google Partner certification

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    Today, businesses have limitless options of candidates to choose from because of skills-based recruitment websites like LinkedIn. Google Ads certifications allow individuals to confirm their skills to companies about specific Google product sectors.

    Certification has become essential to stand out in the workforce as business owners have begun to filter out candidates and business owners wanting to show customers they have experience. 

    Google grants these certifications to those they recognize as experts in online advertising. If you’re a digital marketer, having a Google Ads certification will benefit you when searching for career and work opportunities online.

    After reading this article you’ll find that becoming Google Ad certified can significantly help your job search and it’s not as difficult as it may seem.

    What is Google Ads Certification?  

    Google Ad certifications are free commendations or accreditations given out after completing one of Google’s six certification programs. 

    Certification can be done by individuals or through registering as a business. Registering as a business allows you to apply for the certifications towards obtaining the Google Partner badge through Google’s Partner program.

    The #1 reason why you need to Get Google Ads Certification 

    Certification proves that your credibility and knowledge of Google Ad products is of a high level – you know what you’re doing.

    With the influx of online marketers that are available for businesses to hire, you want to try and stand out as often as possible. Getting Google Ads certification may be what you need to get that competitive edge over other candidates.

    Each category of certification may prove vital for your career. For example, the particular employer or job you’re looking for may focus on display and search. It will benefit you if you can understand and get certification for multiple advertising categories.

    From an objective standpoint, having Google Ads certification has no downside or negative trade-off. It only benefits you and adds to your credibility as an individual in your respective field.

    How to Get Google Ads Certification in 5 easy steps

    1. Get a SkillsShop account
    2. Decide which certification exam to take  
    3. Take notes and prepare for the exam
    4. Take the exam (and retake if necessary)
    5. Stay certified

    Getting a Google Ads Certification Step-by-Step

    Obtaining certification isn’t a complicated process. Still, there are some nuances to follow to make the most of the experience and get the best results possible. 

    The SkillsShop account

    Before getting certification, you’ll need to create a Skillshop account that provides resources to learn and keep learning. Even if you decide not to go through with the certification, it’s highly recommended you at least check out the material Google provides to gain some extra knowledge.

    You’ll also use this account to access the Google Ads assessments that are required to become certified as well as offering diagnostic tests and information to pass the necessary examinations.

    Once you have an account, you’ll move on to choosing and taking the certification evaluation.

    Choosing Google Ads Certifications

    Google offers the opportunity to learn various digital marketing topics and to become certified in any of the areas that interest you. 

    Below are the Google Ads certifications that you can acquire. Businesses can apply the first five categories to the Google Partner program.

    • Google Ads Display
    • Google Ads Search
    • Shopping Ads
    • Google Ads Apps
    • Google Ads Video
    • Google Ads Measurement

    Each certification category requires you to demonstrate your knowledge of the product, building up your digital marketing portfolio.

    Preparing for the Exam

    Google rewards you for learning and trying, giving you multiple chances to test and learn from your examination, free of charge. There will be no additional charges or hidden fees when getting certified. 

    Google provides free resources in the SkillsShop account for users to study and learn when getting a certification. If you don’t want to use Google’s resources, there are plenty of articles online to help you better prepare and understand the certification exam. 

    Taking the Exam (and Retaking it)

    The test itself is challenging and will test your understanding of marketing. The certification is aimed at people with hands-on experience of the products, so the questions and skills required reflect that.

    Each person is allotted 75 minutes for one of the six certification assessments. You will need an 80% or higher score to pass the assessment.

    However, if you fail this test, you’ll have an opportunity to retake the test precisely one day later.

    It’s important to note that disruption of the assessment, such as your battery dying or accidentally leaving the page, will mean you’ll have to wait another full day to retake the examination. 

    Staying Certified

    Once you pass the exam, the certification will be valid for a whole year, after which you have to retake and pass the certifications again. When your Google Ad certification expires, you can’t refer to yourself as certified even if you were certified at one point.

    Staying certified also means obeying all the rules Google has put into place regarding communicating your status. They give specific information about the placement of the certification status and how to use the language they prefer

    It’s important to note that Google Ad certification is not the same as the Google Partner Badge. Google Ad certification is unique to the individual, so people cannot claim to have Google Ad certification if they have not passed the assessment. You can’t claim certification if your partner or company member has certification but you do not.

    However, the Google Partner badge is organizational-based, so companies can become Google Partners through the Google partner program, display a Google Partner badge, and promote themselves as having this Google Partner status.

    Tips for successful exam-taking

    • Make sure you have a stable internet connection and set aside at least two uninterrupted hours of your day for the exam.
    • You can retake the exam multiple times, so note down your mistakes to study the problem areas for future attempts.
    • Begin with certifications for products you know well and have experience with before attempting others. 
    • Read outside articles and reviews of products to gather information alternating between text and video to learn the material better. 
    • Treat this test as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than a task to make your resume look good.

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