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    LinkedIn Released a New Community Ad Campaign

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    Everything You Need to Know in Less Than 50 Words

    LinkedIn released a new community ad campaign emphasizing what people are dubbing The Great Reshuffle. The campaign does a fantastic job of highlighting LinkedIn as the place to find a community that fits you perfectly.

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    LinkedIn’s main focus in this advertisement campaign is to emphasize its social media platform as the best place for those to reconsider their career options. The platform uses subtle messages and visual cues throughout its video advertisement. 

    In a blog post, Darain Faraz shares exciting research on people in different countries who are reassessing their careers. LinkedIn succinctly presents this research to show the drastic shift that the world is seeing without dumping these stats into their video advertisement. 

    For example, according to the research conducted by Censuswide during December 2021, 67% of people in the UK and nearly 82% of people in India are assessing their current career situation.

    Sharing these startling facts makes people wonder what is happening worldwide to cause such a shift. The campaign post and advertisement do not detail why, but they state that it has been a common trend for the past two years. 

    The viewer can assume from the video that the cause of this is the time for reflection people had during the pandemic. Regardless, LinkedIn focuses on providing an answer to those who have strayed from their current careers. 

    LinkedIn's new campaign does a fantastic job of highlighting the company as the place to find a community that fits you perfectly.

    The Community Ad

    At the start of the ad, a woman is asked, “Where do I fit in?” This simple question piques the target audience’s curiosity by asking a question that many in the world are asking themselves right now. 

    The target audience – individuals reassessing their career and questioning which career they will fit into next – will continue to watch the advertisement to find that answer.

    The woman is moving around, trying to “find her space” in the community surrounding her. Paying closer attention to each group of people that she is surrounded by, viewers can see a different community focused on a separate profession.

    The community ad campaign does a fantastic job of welcoming new people to the LinkedIn platform. 

    What better place is there to reflect and reassess your career than a platform built to help you contact people in other businesses and professions? 

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      How Does LinkedIn Benefit From This Ad Campaign?

      The campaign is currently live across the globe. As it stands, LinkedIn will surely attract its target audience.

      LinkedIn is a platform that thrives off of people looking for a work opportunity. While other community-building platforms might not benefit heavily from a strategy like this, LinkedIn will surely attract new users.

      LinkedIn is a place for users to show what they do for a living and what they can offer employers and customers. When people need to look for new employment, there is no better place to look than LinkedIn.

      Assuming the stats given within this blog post are accurate, LinkedIn can expect more traffic during this great reshuffle. 

      Source: LinkedIn Official Blog

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