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    Speedy Locksmith, Increased Number of Phone Calls by 240%

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    Successfully managed to increase the number of calls and ROAS in the locksmith industry, in Ontario Canada, and expand to further regions and localizations. 

    Executive Summary

    The emergency locksmith & home repair service company, Speedy-Fast-Locksmith, strived to increase its profit, activity, and market share within the GTA region in Ontario Canada.

    We have utilized more than 15 years in the home services industry, and our vast client base, to create a tailor-made plan, based on the client’s SWOT analysis.


    Phone Calls

    By creating localized assets for different audiences, we were able to increase the number of calls.



    (Return on Ads Spend)

    Using our best practices to not only generating calls but also converting them to actual sales, we were able to improve the ROAS dramatically. 


    Being a performance agency we are committed to optimized each step within the purchase funnel. 


    The vast expansion to new localities required us to constantly adapt our strategy and assets.


    Adcore started working with Speedy-Fast-Locksmith in November 2019 and delivered great results. This led to a quick expansion to further locations in Ontario Canada.

    The challenge was to increase the number of quality phone calls while keeping the CPA (cost per action) low, acquiring new customers, and gaining a competitive advantage in the emergency home repair industry.

    Main Actions

    • We have created multiple diverse assets for each local service point.
    • Implementation of Adcore Views bid and budget automation tools control the activity at any given moment.  
    • Daily optimization of budget, bids, and ads, based on weekly sales reports.


    Following an analysis of the market and the competition, we have focused our strategy for Speedy-Fast-Locksmith on localization.  

    The creation of dedicated assets and campaigns for each selling point helped us to increase the relevancy of the ads and the experience of Speedy Locksmith’s customers.     

    This strategy allowed us to achieve outstanding results within a short time frame.

    About Speedy Locksmith

    Year established: 2005
    Employees: 0-50
    Head Quarters: Canada
    Industry: Emergency home repair service & locksmith

    Speedy-Fast-Locksmith is a Canadian emergency home repair services company. 

    “I highly recommend Adcore, Our joint effort throughout the past year led to a big increase in profit for the business. I couldn’t be any happier.“   

    Chen Turgeman, CEO

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