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    Meta Advantage+ Catalog Ads Feature Automated Lookalike Audiences

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    Facebook’s Meta Advantage+ catalog ads introduced automated Lookalike (LAL) Audiences. Businesses that are looking to expand their online presence should take notice of how this new ad program can help them. Through targeted ads, you’ll have the option to establish an automated audience that resembles the browsers and buyers whose attention you have already managed to catch.

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    There are a few guided steps to take when creating your new Meta Advantage+ Catalog Ads, but the simply laid out dashboard is easy to use. You can then retarget these newly designed ads toward your desired audience or connect them to an automated lookalike audience that is automatically created for you by Facebook.

    Meta Pixel

    With the help of Facebook Meta Advantage+ Catalog Ads, targeted users will be reminded of products they have purchased or viewed on your website, with your mobile app, from your Instagram shop, or through Facebook Marketplace. 

    To implement this option, you will be required to incorporate a Meta Pixel on your website, which will report each product ID being viewed or purchased through an event. 

    To retarget these ads toward your mobile app users, you will create events specifically for that purpose. You will then follow the steps to direct them to these potential buyers, giving your mobile app an even broader use for your advertising campaign. Doing this increases the value of the mobile app you’ve already put time and capital into crafting.

    Create A Catalog

    A catalog will be required for Advantage+ ads to work. Once you have created this catalog, you can use the existing data from Facebook’s many integrated platforms for advantage shopping, such as Shopify. 

    You would first design a catalog ad, then select the appropriate options, such as the number of days and the products you would like to include in your ad. You would then retarget your audience to these ads through your Ad set.

    Automated Lookalike Audiences

    You can also customize a campaign targeting prospective buyers by turning on the option to include automated lookalike audiences and selecting Expand, which will automatically increase your audience reach. 

    The size of your targeted audience expands based on your chosen options, such as the amount of time you would like to predate their activity. You can find this new lookalike audience under Lookalike, which has limitations. However, it lacks the option to tweak the audience once it has been manufactured by the system automatically. 

    A New Way to Grow Your Audience

    Don’t sleep on this. Facebook’s new Meta Advantage+ Catalog Ads feature with LAL integration is the audience expansion option of the future. You will want to become fully familiar with this new tool as a growing business so you can use it to its potential. 

    Online shopping options are expanding daily, and having tools like this available at your fingertips can only help you increase your audience.

    Source: Facebook

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