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    Micosoft Advertising’s Global Expansion Launches In 34 Markets In the Middle East & Africa

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    Microsoft Advertising announced that they have launched across 34 markets in the Middle East and Africa as part of the third phase of their international expansion. As part of its expansion, Microsoft supports Arabic, Hebrew, and Russian ads. Microsoft Advertising can currently reach consumers in 131 markets and 35 languages.

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    Throughout 2022 Microsoft advertising has been expanding its international reach. In February, Microsoft announced that it had launched in 29 markets in Europe. Later in May, Microsoft expanded into Latin America and the Asia Pacific. 

    In September, Microsoft announced that advertising services are now available in 34 markets across the middle east and Africa. 

    As a result, Microsoft advertising can reach consumers in 131 markets and supports ads in 35 languages. 

    New Markets in the Middle East and Africa

    Thanks to the third phase of their international expansion, marketers can now use Microsoft advertising to reach customers in the following countries: Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Georgia, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Gambia, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan Tanzania, The United Arab Emirates, Yemen and more. 

    Microsoft also now supports ads in Arabic, Hebrew, and Russian. 

    New Opportunities with International Expansion

    Microsoft’s international expansion is stated to lead to an additional 11.6 billion annual searches. 

    In Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Microsoft searches are predicted to account for 12% of the total search volume in the region. Regional search volume is expected to be 15% in Latin America and 48% in Asia-Pacific. 

    Expanding Forward

    Throughout 2022, Microsoft expanded into 94 new markets for its advertisement platform. Completing the third phase of Microsoft’s international expansion does not indicate the end of the expansion journey. Rather, Microsoft states that they will share another update later this year regarding the global growth. 

    Reaching New Audiences with Microsoft Advertising

    Microsoft advertising (formerly known as Bing ads) is an affordable and uncomplicated solution for search engine marketing (SEM). Microsoft ads run on Google’s largest competitor, Bing, which receives over 1 billion unique visitors monthly worldwide.

    Like Google, Microsoft ads allow advertisers to focus on keywords and key phrases associated with their business. Microsoft advertising also allows for localizing ads to a specific state or city and for longtail keyphrases. Also, like Google, ad placements are based on the bidding system. 

    Microsoft ads are an affordable alternative to Google ads for search engine marketing. This is largely because Microsoft advertising has 36% less competition when compared to Google Ads. As a result, advertisers who use Microsoft advertising can’t expect to get more traffic at a lower cost and overall better rate of investment. 

    Microsoft Advertising is often viewed as a better option for small businesses looking to get the most out of their money. Additionally, companies targeting individuals with higher incomes and an older age range typically focus on Microsoft advertising instead of Google. 

    Source: Microsoft Advertising News

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