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A new Ad Creator is now available through Microsoft Ads that will allow advertisers to source and edit images leading to more engagement and higher click-through rates. Ad Creator automatically extracts photos from websites to use directly in ads. There are even a media library and simple image editing tools to help you stand out from competitors. 

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The new Ad Creator by Microsoft Ads offers the option to enhance images for better engagement. This option can mean editing photos as you need to best fit your content using filters, colors, and different focal points. Each graphic can be unique depending on how you edit it.

In a nutshell, Microsoft Ad Creator finds and extracts images that are on your site, so you can use them easily with Microsoft Advertising. You just click on add images and then website images to make your selection. 

This tool also offers smart effects and a photo editor that includes techniques like background blur, color filters, cropping, and more. The blur tool will allow you to create focus on a specific part of the image that you want to stand out or highlight. The color filter allows you to adjust the overall hue of your backgrounds, giving a new feel to your advertising images. For example, if you want a calming effect, you can layer a cool color over your background. To bring energy to an image, you can increase the warmth of the background.

Otherwise, the selection of filters that Microsoft provides can add other effects for a designer quality to your selected images.

Perhaps even more important, the Ad Creator will actually give you recommendations and demonstrate the most effective means of cropping an image. This allows you to offer a subtle (or profound) variation on images you use in advertising, without compromising your brand image and without hiring a photo editor or graphic designer. 

These new features are just the beginning of an updated Microsoft Ads Ad Creator. More features are sure to follow as Microsoft tries to become a one-stop-shop, so to speak, for a business’s online advertising.

Source: Microsoft

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