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The new Microsoft Advertising updates aim to speed up rates of return time for reports by up to 60%. They’re also unleashing new options for previewing information, alternative formatting choices, and shortcuts designed to streamline productivity. 

The focus lies in improving their analytics output to help advertisers assess their performance. The series of new updates will make the interface faster, easier to use, and more user-friendly. 

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The main idea behind the updates is to increase the number of time advertisers spend interacting with customers and reduce their time spent setting up and overseeing their campaigns. 

One of the primary features of the new update is streamlined access to reports. With the addition of a reports tab to the main drop-down menu, advertisers will quickly be able to pull up new information as well as view recurring reports in only a few clicks.

There is also a new report preview feature that allows users to view and modify reports directly on the website. Before this change, users had to download reports, so this new change will save time and effort.

Microsoft is also rolling out new formatting capabilities such as inline edits, scheduling, saving, and shortcuts frequently used in Excel. This allows users to input their own formatting preferences and choose how they would like their information to be displayed. The pre-existing templates will still be available for use, but users can now create their own.

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These new changes will likely increase the speed and efficiency of Microsoft Advertising by implementing new features that will be of great convenience to users. Having quicker and easier access to information is sure to save much-needed time. The interface has also become much more intuitive by allowing users to have more control over their design layout and presentation, as well as the ability to input their own formatting preferences. 

Source: Microsoft

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