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    Microsoft Ads Unveils New Smart Campaign Features

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    Everything You Need to Know in Less Than 50 Words

    On Thursday, September 8, 2022, Microsoft Ads announced the launch of new smart campaign features that distinguishes Microsoft Ads from competitors such as Google Ads. If you are running paid media ads or plan to, you won’t regret checking out this easy-to-use update.

    Tell Me More

    Microsoft Ads has diligently provided a formidable platform for small businesses since its inception in 2021. However, due to expanding demands and the need to meet the needs of SMBs in today’s growing economy, the company seized the opportunity to improve its platform and services.

    Microsoft Ads’ new campaign features that have undoubtedly given it the edge over its competitors include:

    1. A newly guided campaign experience.
    2. An excellent customer support service with updated chat support.
    3. Simplified set-up with auto options generate ads or formulate them yourself.
    4. Updated and improved Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for optimizations.

    Although the updated features are all critical, one gives Microsoft Ads a competitive edge over Google Ads and other smart campaigns. 

    The updated feature is a remarkable improvement on Google’s Performance Max, which offers advertising inventory across all Google-owned platforms such as YouTube, Search, Display, and Discover. However, the inventory does not go beyond these platforms.  

    The new Microsoft Ads update gives an extended smart campaign experience, allowing users to run ads across various platforms, including Microsoft Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and Google. The multi-platform feature is only available on the Microsoft Ads platform.

    Why You Should Care

    Microsoft Ads continues to make positive steps to meet the current market demands, and the recently announced updates are no different. The multi-platform feature and other updates could accrue significant benefits to your PPC program, such as:

    Heightened Website and Social Media Efforts

    The multi-platform update will help you build your brand by giving you access to websites and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The updated tools will also make your work easier by providing a means to schedule ads and respond to customer queries on a single interface.

    Expand Your Audience

    The update will let you reach your target audience even if they don’t physically search for your product and services. 

    Enhanced Testing Capacity

    The update will be a great way to determine the best platform to market your products and services to your target audience by testing the new features. Since Microsoft Ads offers lower costs per click than its major competitors, it won’t hurt to experiment.

    Easier Campaign Management

    The updated Microsoft Ads smart campaign features are an excellent place for first-time ad creators to start. It has simplified, easy-to-follow steps attached to a multi-platform and is quite affordable.

    Final Thoughts

    You can learn more about the new Microsoft Ads smart campaign features by creating a profile on the platform. Advertisers already on the platform may receive early access and benefits from the new features.

    Source: Search Engine Land

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