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    Microsoft Advertiser Gains Automatic Updates For Shopping Campaigns, Auto-Generated Remarked Lists, & More

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    Microsoft announced several new features for the platform’s advertising service. Microsoft Advertising will encompass auto-updates for Shopping Campaigns, which the software will enable from July 10. Other features in line for the upcoming launch are auto-generated Remarketing Lists and more eligible Universal Event Tracking (UET) tags. 

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    The Shopping Campaigns will see two new automatic updates:

    1. Automated Coupons

    Merchant Promotions will enable this feature, aiming to increase customer engagement. It allows you to advertise items directly from your campaign inventory with unique offer labels. Add these tags as “special offer” links below your displayed product promotion. 

    Moreover, the platform will be automatically formulating Merchant Promotions. It updates your campaigns after crawling or extracting data from your eCommerce site. Hence, this function will make the latest coupon offers visible to your clients. 

    The system ingests data in a 12-hour cycle, ensuring the service only displays your newest offers. Besides, these automated promotions are only applicable to store advertisements. It will not apply to individual items.    

    You can withdraw the automated coupons by accessing your Merchant Center. Next, navigate to the Settings and find the Automatic Updates tab. Afterward, choose the option for Blocking crawled data. 

    2. Automatic Product Update

    This feature enables Microsoft Merchant Center to crawl your website. It collects availability and price data for the item offers you upload via the Center. In addition, this feature automatically updates information if it detects data mismatch, delivering the best customer experience.  

    Microsoft Advertising will encompass auto-updates for Shopping Campaigns, which the software will enable from July 10.

    For example, it updates upon detecting a price change between the details in your product feed and the website. It also auto-updates when it finds an availability problem, such as an out-of-stock product.  

    Microsoft lets you exit the service if you decide not to utilize the automatic product update feature. You can leave your Settings on the Merchant Center. Then, select the Automatic Updates tab to complete the disengagement. It is wise to remember that your items are not up-to-date. 

    Auto-generated Remarketing Lists

    All Auto-generated Remarketing Lists are available in all Microsoft Ads markets, offering an easy and fast way to optimize performance. You can find three list categories and use single or multiple options with your current customer targeting lists. Besides, the three categories require UET and active conversion goals. The list types are:

    • Smart Remarketing – Features users likely to convert. 
    • All Converters – Comprises users that converted during the previous 180 days.
    • All Visitors – Involves users that visited your website over the last 30 days. 

    UET Tags

    Microsoft plans to enable UET tags with improved eligibility. The Clarity migration’s second phase will commence on July 11. You receive an email notifying you of the switch if you qualify for the migration. The emailed content also includes a choice to withdraw.  

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      Microsoft has been busy over the past month with other launches. For example, in the US, it launched cash back promotions to item ads and soon-to-text ads a few weeks ago. 

      This automatic feature provides a new means of driving incremental sales and growing conversions built directly into Microsoft Edge. In addition, it gives users cash back from Microsoft Cashback to incentivize them with the correct value of savings to drive conversions.

      These automated shopping features might be for you if you seek to expand your reach. Click here for a more comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Ads.

      Source: Microsoft Advertising Blog

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