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    Microsoft Advertising Has Now Expanded to 34 Additional Markets

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    Microsoft Advertising has announced its expansion into 34 new markets, bringing the total number of markets available to advertisers up to 164 worldwide. With this expansion, advertisers can now reach a potential audience of more than one billion people in countries ranging from Algeria to Zimbabwe. Some of the new markets include American Samoa, Botswana, Cameroon, Jamaica, Senegal, and Tunisia.

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    In addition to the market expansion, Microsoft Advertising has also made several updates to its platform. One of the most significant updates is the expansion of automated bidding and last-touch attribution on the Microsoft Audience Network. Enhanced cost per click (ECPC) is now available in all markets for the Microsoft Audience Network, and advertisers can also try other bidding strategies, such as target cost per acquisition (TCPA), and maximize conversions with the help of their Microsoft Advertising account team. Last-touch attribution is also now available in all Microsoft Audience Network markets, which allows advertisers to change their conversion goal attribution and allows Microsoft’s Automated bidding solutions to take both click-based and view-through conversions into account. Additionally, advertisers can now create and manage their Audience Shopping Campaigns from within the Microsoft Editor tool.

    For all automated bidding tactics, data exclusions are now available, which will help inform Microsoft Advertising’s Automated bidding algorithms in case of data outages or any other unintended conversion tracking changes. This will enable advertisers to ensure that their automated bidding algorithms receive precise information and maintain optimal performance. The tool can be found under Tools → Planning → Bid strategies, along with seasonality adjustments and portfolio bid adjustments.

    Microsoft Advertising has also made some new additions to its audience targeting capabilities. In-market audience segments for Valentine’s Day have now launched in India and are also available in the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Germany, and Australia. Furthermore, a pilot has been initiated to expand the functionality of custom combinations. Advertisers can now create combined lists of customer match, custom audiences, remarketing, and dynamic remarketing. Previously, it was only possible to combine customer match with other customer match lists or custom audiences with other custom audiences. Advertisers can work with their Microsoft Account team to start using this feature.

    There have also been some enhancements in the world of conversion tracking. Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag deletion is now available, allowing advertisers to disassociate their UET tags when necessary easily. Custom events are now simpler and easier to set up, and advertisers can implement conversion tracking across all accounts easily by changing the scope of their conversion goals from a single account to “all accounts” as part of the edit workflow.

    Lastly, Microsoft Advertising has made Google Import for Smart Campaigns available in 11 markets, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, and Singapore. This capability enables advertisers to transfer their Smart Campaigns from Google Ads over to Microsoft Advertising, helping them reach more customers instantly.


    In conclusion, Microsoft Advertising’s expansion into 34 new markets and its updates to the platform provides advertisers with more opportunities to reach a broader audience, target their campaigns more effectively, and improve their performance. The updates to automated bidding, last-touch attribution, audience targeting, conversion tracking, and Google Import for Smart Campaigns will enable advertisers to make the most of their advertising budget and drive better results.

    Source: Microsoft Ads Blog

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