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    Slowing Growth: Microsoft Bing Ads Revenues Increase by 10%

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    In Microsoft’s latest earnings report, search and news advertising revenue increased 10% (15% in constant currency), indicating a slowdown in growth compared to previous quarters. However, overall earnings were well received by Wall Street in after-hours trading. 

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    Microsoft’s earnings report for the latest quarter shows a slowing growth rate in search ad revenues. While the overall earnings report was well-received by Wall Street, the search ad revenue growth rate was not as impressive as in previous quarters. According to the report, “Search and news advertising revenue excluding traffic acquisition costs increased 10% (up 15% in constant currency).”

    While a 10% increase in search ad revenues is still a positive outcome, it is a significant drop from the previous quarter’s 16% growth rate. The quarter before that saw a growth rate of 22%, while the quarter before that had growth rates of around 32% each.

    Despite the slower growth rate in search ad revenues, Microsoft’s overall earnings report was positive, with revenue of $51.2 billion, up 22% from the same quarter the previous year. The report also highlighted a strong performance in Microsoft’s cloud services division, with revenue up 34% year over year.

    While search ad revenues are an important part of Microsoft’s advertising business, it is worth noting that they only represent a small portion of the company’s overall revenue. Microsoft’s advertising revenue comes primarily from LinkedIn and display ads, which saw strong growth in the latest earnings report.

    Looking Ahead

    Microsoft is expected to continue investing in its advertising business, with a focus on expanding its advertising offerings and capabilities. This includes ongoing development of its Microsoft Advertising platform, as well as efforts to improve audience targeting and measurement.

    Despite the slower growth rate in search ad revenues, Microsoft’s overall financial performance remains strong. The company’s focus on cloud services and other key areas of growth is expected to continue driving its success in the coming quarters.


    Overall, Microsoft’s latest advertising product updates provide exciting new features and expanded opportunities for advertisers to reach their target audiences on the Microsoft platform.

    Source: SE Round Table

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