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    Microsoft Introduces Multimedia Ads

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    Everything You Need to Know in Less Than 50 Words

    If you are browsing on Windows 11, Bing, or Microsoft Start, expect to see new ads in the form of videos and infographics. Just released in mid-September, the format creates a combination of curated pictures and videos above the search engine’s to enhance search results. 

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    Microsoft has thought hard about this marketing process, using it to get one step ahead with great marketing tactics. Rather than a collage of pictures and videos taking browsers to a different page, searchers can expand these graphics while staying on the same search page. When they are ready to return to their search, they can return the collage to the regular view. 

    Testing Multimedia Ads Before the Final Release

    Before finally releasing multimedia ads to their search engines, Microsoft tested them on different platforms to see how they would perform. 

    Looka, a logo design company based in Ontario, Canada, originally ran text ads within their search results. Microsoft helped them to convert to multimedia ads. As a result, Looka experienced a 200% return on investment for how much they paid to install the multimedia ads on their website. 

    The Florida-based security company, ADT, earned about 9.5 times more in return on ad spending when converting to multimedia ads. The Netherlands-based telecommunications company, VodafoneZiggo, had an 85% increase in conversions in turning clicks into sales and almost a 10% dip in cost per click. 

    Lessons for Advertisers That Want to Implement Multimedia Ads

    While you may have a higher spending output for advertising, the best way to implement multimedia ads is to have one collage per search page. Over time, this higher spending output could yield an increased return on investment as browsers are more engaged with the one ad per page. 

    Various tools can help advertisers to create enhanced multimedia ads. The Bulk API is great for creating and editing multiple multimedia ads simultaneously. You can also combine different images from your website and edit and customize them in a specific order with videos if you choose. 

    These creator tools are available for public use if your website runs off the Bing search engine. Give it a try and see how your search hits skyrocket! 

    Source: Search Engine Land 

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