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    Microsoft Launches Import Tool For Easier Migration to Google

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    Microsoft just announced a new tool that is making the lives of digital marketers much easier! Microsoft Advertising is taking strides to simplify the process of migrating from Google Ads to its platform, introducing a new solution within its Google Import tool.

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    Are you an advertiser who uses both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising and looking for a way to import your Google Ad campaigns to Microsoft without altering them? Or are you looking to transition from Performance Max campaigns to Smart Shopping campaigns? If either of these is the case, then fortunately for you, Microsoft is making the process easier. 

    Microsoft recently rolled out a solution in their Google import tool, which allows marketers to import Google Ads Performance Max campaigns into Microsoft. With the new capabilities, Microsoft Advertising is striving to transition from Google to its platform, simpler and smoother than ever.

    Advertisers can now quickly and easily import their Performance Max campaigns that use a Merchant Center into Microsoft Advertising as Smart Shopping Campaigns or Local Inventory Ads. 

    This new capability makes it easier for advertisers to transfer their Google Ads Performance Max campaigns and enable them to replicate the campaign as Microsoft Smart Shopping Campaigns. It also enables advertisers to keep their ad campaigns homogeneous across the two platforms.

    What Does This Mean?

    This means that campaign settings, ad group names, product groups, and product ads will all be directly imported from Performance Max campaigns into Smart Shopping Campaigns with the same settings. Users can also schedule imports daily, weekly, or monthly. 

    This process provides a seamless transition for advertisers, ensuring that no data or work is lost when switching from one platform to another. It also leads to a more automated process. This remarkable tool enables users to quickly and accurately pull in performance metrics such as impression shares with just a few simple clicks. 

    Not only that, but the tool also lets you effortlessly sync any budget or bid changes back to your campaigns on Google Ads, eliminating the need for manual bidding adjustments. With Microsoft’s new Import Tool For Google Ads Performance Max at your disposal, managing dual search engine campaigns has never been simpler or more efficient!


    It is important to note that the settings, ad group names, and product groups are all imported as-is, but this does not include text and images. Product ads are auto-generated, making it an easy transition from one platform to another.

    This capability is only available for Performance Max campaigns that use the Merchant center. The process is different for those campaigns that don’t use the Merchant center. 

    However, Microsoft has stated that they are working to create a similar solution for campaigns that don’t use the Merchant center. So advertisers who use these types of campaigns should keep an eye out for further developments.

    Source: Search Engine Land

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