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    Microsoft New Ads Tests Goes Wrong, and Users Noticed

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    Will you soon be seeing Ads in your Windows 11 fly-out menu? Microsoft made headlines for seemingly testing new Ads for its services in Windows 11. Users caught the company adding suggestions to flyout menus, which prompted them to create a Microsoft account and use OneDrive.

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    Have you noticed Ad pop-ups in your Microsoft windows 11 operating system? If so, then you’re not alone. It appears that Microsoft may be testing Ads in Windows 11. 

    Microsoft recently caught some unfavorable attention when it introduced ads to the flyout menu of its newest operating system, Windows 11. While not everyone has experienced this occurrence, many have reported seeing Ads on their Windows 11 desktops.

    Promotional items in the form of prompts to sign up for a Microsoft account or utilize their storage program, OneDrive, began rolling out with version 25227 of Windows 11.

    These advertisements were first spotted by Twitter user, Albacore, who shared several screenshots on his Twitter page. The screenshots showed several Ads and promos for Microsoft products, such as prompts to sign up for an account or backup files to OneDrive.

    These Ad sightings have had many Windows users scratching their heads and asking, “ Are these Ads a permanent part of Windows 11?” 

    Microsoft’s Explanation

    After posting screenshots on Twitter, Albacore received a response from Brandon Leblanc, a Windows Insider Program Team member. Leblanc seems to have given some insight into the future of Ads in Windows 11. However, this response is not a definitive answer.

    He explained that the ads were an experiment that was never intended to be published externally, indicating that these ads may not become a permanent part of the Windows 11 experience.

    Microsoft has since notified users of these experiments in a blog post. The article informed users that they might temporarily see ads in their start menus. 

    However, they did not clearly explain what was happening or provide a definitive answer as to whether this feature would be permanently added to Windows operating systems.

    While this recent mishap may have caused a stir amongst Windows users and taken many by surprise, it’s not the first time Microsoft has added Ads to its operating system. Users may recall that the Start Menu in Windows 10 contained Ads, which users could remove.

    Final Thoughts

    While the ad pop-ups have ceased and Microsoft has since stopped the experiment, it has not stopped many from wondering if they may see more ads in the future. 

    But for now, to the satisfaction of most users, Microsoft seems to have decided against permanently adding this feature to Windows 11.

    However, whether this feature will make it into the final version of Windows 11 or in future operating systems remains unclear, at least for now. Either way, it’s an interesting approach by Microsoft and certainly one worth keeping an eye on.

    Source: TechSpot

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