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    Microsoft’s 2023 Advertising Product Announcements

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    Microsoft has recently released its latest updates for its advertising products of 2023. One of the key updates is the introduction of Microsoft Store Ads for desktop devices. Additionally, Microsoft has also rolled out updates for its In-Market Audience Expansion and Responsive Search Ads features. 

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    Microsoft has announced its latest round of advertising product updates, with one of the most significant being the launch of Microsoft Store Ads for desktop devices. This new ad format will allow ads to be displayed on the Apps and Gaming tabs of the Microsoft Store app on Windows 10 and 11 desktop devices, expanding the discovery of app or gaming products on additional devices. The ads are easy to set up and manage within the Microsoft Ads platform and are compatible with the current Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag to track behavior. To start using this format, advertisers need to submit their brand and link their store products to their Microsoft Advertising account, and once approved, they can use the format immediately.

    For international advertisers, Microsoft has expanded its In-Market audience segments to new markets in the Middle East and Africa. With the expansion, 71 In-Market audiences are now available in these regions. Finally, Microsoft has reminded advertisers that January 31 is the last day to create or edit any Expanded Text Ad, and starting February 1, the only new search ads that can be created are Responsive Search Ads.

    Microsoft has also teased some highlights of what to expect from its ad platform in 2023. This includes a focus on local search ads, marquee ads, and additional vertical ads. Microsoft debuted vertical ads in September 2021 and currently offers them for automotive, credit card, cruises, health insurance, professional services, and tours and activities. It remains to be seen which additional verticals Microsoft will prioritize in 2023.


    Overall, Microsoft’s latest advertising product updates provide exciting new features and expanded opportunities for advertisers to reach their target audiences on the Microsoft platform.

    Source: Search Engine Land

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