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    New Google Tools Make Collaboration and Ad Production Simple

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    Everything You Need To Know In Less Than 50 Words

    Google has created an asset library for Google Ads, making it easier for advertisers to manage creative assets and collaborate with teams. You can access images and videos across different campaigns, past, and present. In addition, video ad creation is available, providing templates that will decrease production time.

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    The new asset library allows Google Ads users to access images and videos used in current and past campaigns. This streamlining saves time by avoiding the need to recreate assets. The video ad creation tool provides templates for video ads, which can be easily edited and personalized.

    These new tools will make your life easier if you’re an advertiser. For example, the asset library will save you time, and the video ad creation tool will help you produce high-quality videos with little effort. These features show that Google is committed to making advertising more straightforward and effective for all businesses.

    The asset library will be accessible from Google Drive, and advertisers can tell who is working on a project and leave messages. The production tool eliminates coding requirements when creating ads. Google automatically produces the code before it goes to publishers.

    Creating video ads has historically been challenging and time-consuming, but the new video ad creation feature in Google Ads makes the process fast and straightforward. All you need to do is choose a template, add brand information, select music from Google’s catalog, and add the video to a campaign. Designers create templates for use on YouTube, including clear calls to action, branding, and pacing perfect for the content. With production challenges eliminated, you can focus on creating a strategy that produces results.

    Another aspect of simplifying video production is voiceover to video. The positive impact of audio on YouTube’s success is enormous. Google’s advanced text-to-speech technology will allow you to create fantastic content for YouTube, and this option is available in the asset library.

    Write your script, and Google will provide a list of voices available for your video. This technology is an incredible time-saver, as it used to be necessary to hire voice actors or use text-to-speech tools that didn’t sound natural. One-click will add the voiceover to your project.

    Seven English language voices are available, and a voice is available in the following languages: French, Filipino, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Mandarin, Malaysian, Swedish, and Spanish. Additional voices and languages are coming soon.

    Final Thoughts

    Google focuses on helping creative professionals save time and produce high-quality work. These new tools are a great example of using technology to deliver exceptional results. If you’re an advertiser, take advantage of these features to streamline your workflow.

    These new features from Google make creating high-quality ads that reach your target audience more effortless than ever. With more straightforward collaboration and production, you can focus on what’s essential: strategy and results. Try these new features and see how they can help you achieve your advertising goals.

    Source: Google

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