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    Performance Max Campaign Now Available on Google Ads Script

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    Everything You Need To Know In 50 Words Or Less

    Google announced that as of September 13, Google Ads scripts now support Performance Max campaigns. This allows marketers to perform operations like pausing or enabling campaigns and selecting or modifying asset types. However, Google Ads only supports Performance Max campaigns at a limited capacity.

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    Marketers love Performance Max campaigns to build new leads, increase their ad spend (ROAS) return, and automate ad creation. They also love Google Ads script for improving account performance and automating reporting and analysis. Finally, these professionals can get the best of both worlds, as Google has just announced that Ads script now supports Performance Max campaigns. 

    This can be done by adding the Performance Max Campaign Selector on the AdsApp. Once added, advertisers can manage ads through operations like pausing or enabling an ad campaign or selecting and modifying asset types. However, Ads scripts can only support Performance Max campaigns with limited capabilities. They cannot modify text assets or create new campaigns. 

    What Is Google Ads Script?

    Google Ads scripts is a way for marketers to programmatically control data from Google ads using entry-level JavaScript and a browser-based IDE. With Ads scripts, marketers can automate procedures and interact with external data with one or many Google add accounts. 

    How Does Google Ads Script Work? 

    To access Google Ads script, go to your tools icon on your Google ad account and select Scripts under Bulk Action. You can add new scripts or modify scripts in the code editor. Once you’re done, click authorize to allow the scripts to access your account. 

    You will need entry-level familiarity with JavaScript to write a Google Ad script. There are also several pre-built scripts available to the public. Still, a little customization goes a long way toward helping your ad campaign function how you want it to. 

    Google Ads scripts can create heat maps of when your click-through rate is at its highest, report broken links, conduct 24/7 bidding, automatically adjust bids, pause when there’s low CTR (click-through rate), and more. 

    What Is Performance Max?

    Performance Max is a goal-oriented campaign type for Google Ads that allows marketers to access all of their ad inventory from a single campaign. It works with keyword-based search campaigns to help you convert more customers from all of Google’s channels like YouTube, display, discover, Gmail, and search. 

    How Does Performance Max Work?

    Performance Max drives the performance of your ad based on your specified conversion goal. It provides automation for bidding, budget, optimization, audience, creative attributions, and more. Performance Max can help advertisers find customers, drive value, and acquire rich insights. 

    Source: Search Engine Round Table

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