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    Search On Rolls Out Beta Business Names and Logos for Mobile Search Ads

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    Everything You Need to Know in Less than 50 Words

    Search On is making changes to the way mobile users view ads. Traditionally, when users come across ads on their mobile browsers, the company name and logo are hidden until the user clicks on that ad to be redirected. This design change could drive more reach to your company.

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    Google Ads can find your business name and logo from your site’s landing page, allowing Search On to easily add them to your campaign and reveal them within the ad. You will have the opportunity to review and remove any information that you don’t like or want to show. 

    Moreover, you will have the ability to do this manually through each campaign. 

    The point of this change is to continue and drive more audience towards your business, putting your featured ads first and the rest of the search results after. 

    Pass the Eligibility Requirement

    For your business name and logo to appear in the ad, make sure you meet such eligibility requirements:

    • Accounts older than 90 days
    • Good account compliance
    • Active campaigns
    • Active text ads
    • The account is an eligible vertical or sub-verticle (not advertising sexual content, alcohol, gambling, and healthcare)
    • Completed the Advertiser Verification Program

    Meet the Verification Program

    To keep Google’s search ecosystem safe and friendly for all users, Google requires that you meet the verification program to use this feature. You must verify the following:

    • Details about your business
    • Your Identity
    • Your business operations
    • Selection criteria for the Advertiser verification program
    • Immediate account pausing for Advertiser verification program

    Each Business Name and Logo Must Meet Format Requirements

    Each business needs to format its name and logo legibly. Google wants consumers to have a high-quality ad experience, allowing them to fully comprehend all business assets listed by a company. Follow these specifications:

    Business Name Specifications

    • Match the domain name submitted via Advertiser Verification
    • The name is displayed on the landing page of the Ad
    • 25 characters or less
    • Language supported in: EN, JP, FR, DE

    Business logo specifications 

    • The logo is the same as the landing page or matches the business
    • The aspect ratio is a square (1×1)
    • Your logo should have a recommended image resolution of (1200×1200)
    • The file format is either PNG or JPG (Max 5120 KB)
    • Compatible with both light and dark mode
    • It is in the recommended image safe area
    • Google might render your logo, so preview it first

    Things You Shouldn’t Do

    • Do not use a different business name than the domain name or legal name.
    • Don’t upload multiple logos
    • No prohibited content (nudity or aggressive images)
    • Don’t crop your logo in a way that changes the representation of the company
    • Make sure your logo is not blurry
    • The logo must have distinguishable features
    • The logo shouldn’t be distorted, out of shape, up-side-down, or color inverted

    No Business Logo or Name, No Problem

    If you can’t find a logo or business name associated with your company, Google will display your URL and a blue globe icon instead. 

    This new change will deliver more helpful search ads to specific users, driving more audience to your landing page. Keep up-to-date with all the requirements so that way, your business name, and logo is eligible to be shown.

    The desktop version of this will not be available until next year. 

    Source: Google Search On

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