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    What Are LinkedIn Ads and How to Quickly Get Started?

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    This guide will give you an in-depth understanding of LinkedIn Ads and how to get started.

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    LinkedIn is a valuable social network for businesses looking to target the right audience through a paid advertising strategy. With 830+ million members, advertising on LinkedIn can help reach out to potential customers and generate leads. But what exactly is LinkedIn advertising, and how do you leverage LinkedIn ads for your business?

    What Is LinkedIn Advertising?

    LinkedIn advertising is a paid marketing tool marketers use to connect with the right audience. If you’re in the B2B space, LinkedIn ads can help establish online recognition, build leads, share content, and more. You can select an ad format that suits your business goals and create your advertising campaign to ensure your brand reaches the right eyeballs.

    Why Is It Important?

    LinkedIn makes online advertising easier. Businesses and professionals on LinkedIn can ensure their ads reach an active audience. You can create, distribute, manage and analyze the scope of your ads according to your needs and objectives.

    LinkedIn helps businesses to establish credibility, promote their products and services, share/discuss news, connect with potential candidates, and create networking opportunities.

    LinkedIn users seek solutions to their problems. If you can solve their problems, you must create awareness to let them know you have what they need. And this is where LinkedIn advertising comes in.

    You curate ads and target users who, in turn, reach out to you to get solutions to their problems. The more you provide solutions to your LinkedIn customers, the more you establish credibility, generate leads, and grow your business.

    Who Should Advertise on LinkedIn?

    Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn is selective regarding who should advertise on the platform. LinkedIn is a fantastic place for businesses and professionals seeking to connect with other businesses and professionals. So, to know whether you should advertise on LinkedIn, ask yourself: “Can my product, service, or offer be beneficial to a business or professional?”

    The goal of LinkedIn advertising is to reach the right audience. By answering this question clearly, you will understand whether your advertising campaign is a good fit for LinkedIn. But does it mean advertising on LinkedIn is strictly meant for B2B companies and professionals?

    The short answer is No. LinkedIn advertising can also be a good fit for B2C companies, nonprofits, and many other organizations seeking to share relevant content and product categories, promote their job listings and find suitable applicants for jobs.

    Benefits of LinkedIn Advertising

    LinkedIn advertising has its advantages, including.

    Target a More Desirable Audience

    With LinkedIn, interactions are formal since the platform deals with businesses and professionals. LinkedIn advertising helps companies target other businesses and professionals looking for solutions to their problems, networking opportunities, and sharing information.

    Access Different Ad Formats

    LinkedIn has a variety of ad formats that businesses can leverage to meet their goals. The truth is, one ad type might be suitable for another company and not yours. 

    With various ad formats, you can choose one or a few that suits your business needs and goals. These ad formats include sponsored content, text ads, message ads, and video ads.

    With 830+ million members, LinkedIn ads can help establish online recognition, build leads, share content, and more.

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      How To Get Started

      How do you get started with LinkedIn advertising? Here are the steps to get you up and running.

      1. Create a Campaign Manager account if you don’t have one
      2. Choose your objective to customize your campaign. You can choose from awareness, consideration, or conversion.
      3. Select the right audience you want to target with your campaign
      4. Choose a suitable LinkedIn ad format
      5. Set your budget
      6. Launch, measure, and optimize your LinkedIn advertising campaign

      Final Thoughts

      LinkedIn is the go-to platform for businesses interested in social network advertising. The platform connects businesses and professionals for business purposes. With an opportunity to target the right audience, businesses can use a variety of LinkedIn ad formats to meet their advertising goals.

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