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    11 Inspiring TikTok Brands to Spark Your Creativity

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    Lately, TikTok has been attracting more and more marketers from various industries, allowing them to boost creativity and invent unique marketing techniques to promote their brand, product, or service. 

    Multiple brands managed to crack the algorithm and gain millions of views overnight. Obviously, they are doing something right. So, I decided to question all the TikTok addicts I know and demonstrate the best brands from many industries that will boost your inspiration. 

    Whether you’re a marketer, a designer, or a social media manager, here are 11 TikTok accounts to follow for marketing and content inspiration. But first, if you consider advertising on TikTok, you should understand how TikTok marketing works…

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    About TikTok Marketing 

    TikTok marketing strategies can include different tactics, like influencer marketing, TikTok advertising, or organic viral content creation. However, how does TikTok measure a conversion? 

    Unlike Facebook and Google, TikTok uses the same session conversion to track attribution. A user has to see the ad, swipe up, and purchase right there and then so that TikTok will consider it a conversion. So if a buyer sees your product on TikTok but buys it later by Googling it, you won’t know that the lead comes from TikTok.

    And yet, brands across all industries are tapping into TikTok’s global audience while keeping in mind that TikTok’s most successful marketing objective is brand awareness rather than conversion rates. 

    Now that you better understand TikTok’s advertising algorithm, turn your sound on and let’s dive into the fun part: 

    Most inspiring brands to follow on TikTok

    Promoting an Event on TikTok 

    1. Paris2024officiel

    Usually, it’s hard to surprise me, but I have to admit that the official 2024 Olympics TikTok channel left me speechless. 9.2M views on a video of a baguette. Gen Z, I can’t figure you out. I guess it’s true what they say; you really shouldn’t try to impress on TikTok.

    Promoting an App on TikTok 

    2. Peppertheapp

    Pepper is a social cooking app for creating, sharing & discovering recipes. As a young brand founded by 20-year-olds, it’s only natural for them to use TikTok as their primary marketing channel. 

    As of today, they’ve reached 103.7K likes on TikTok alone. Following Doualingo’s steps (with videos reaching up to 15.3M views) by using and testing TikTok’s algorithm, you’ll probably see more of them on your FYP.

    Promoting B2B oriented services on TikTok

    3. Clutch_now 

    Many marketers feel lost when they have a client that needs to promote a service rather than a physical product. An even more significant challenge is to promote B2B services. 

    But don’t you worry, I got you. A great example of using TikTok for marketing a B2B oriented business is Clutch, yes, the staffing agency. Who knew that quirky and straightforward videos about your day-to-day office life could go viral, right?

    When done right, TikTok Marketing can reach endless users. These 11 brands managed to crack the algorithm and gain millions of views overnight.

    Promoting Foodie accounts on TikTok

    4. Loveboards

    The only thing the internet loves more than cats is probably food. Loveboards is a charcuterie experience. They intend to bring people together over the most photogenic food boards I’ve ever seen in my life. 

    The owner, Lauren, went viral several times by simply posting videos of food (who would have thought?!). Overwhelmed by her reach, Lauren managed to take all of the international exposure she was getting to the next level – you guessed it, virtual workshops!

    Promoting Products on TikTok 

    5. Positivepiecepuzzles

    Another brand that knows the power of visually pleasing esthetics is Positive Piece Puzzles. The brand owner, Quincy, makes the most of their beautiful product:

    Promoting Real Estate on TikTok: 

    6. Northvalleygrp

    I can’t stress this enough – fun, simple, and TRENDING sounds can get you a long way. If these three realtors from Canada can get 7.5M views by solely dancing in their office (fully clothed!), you can, too.

    Promoting an Airline 

    7. United

    Through Ryanair, we found out that even the worst flight experience can be forgotten (and forgiven). It is only possible when your brand voice and identity maintain a positive attitude that makes fun of its flaws. 

    Surprisingly, Ryanair’s brand image has been recreated in the same market by no other than United! While Ryanair has given us great inspiration for brand awareness tactics, United goes all in for the conversion rate, with campaigns like ‘Girls don’t want flowers for valentines day. (we really don’t).

    @united you’re not flying until you’re flying with @Aly and AJ ✈️ #potentialbreakupsong ♬ Potential Breakup Song - Aly & AJ

    Promoting Fashion Brands on TikTok

    8. Christinastrat for juicycouture

    There’s no doubt that Juicy Couture knows their target audience; they bring their brand persona to life by signing the textbook influencer Christina as their brand ambassador. 

    With over 1.5M views on her recently published video, we can see once again that the right UGC can go a long way. She’s definitely living my dream life as the Elle Woods of TikTok.  

    Promoting Quirky or Niche Products on TikTok

    There’s no doubt that some products are not as easy to promote as others. Super-niche brands, for example, would often need a solid social media presence to build a community around their brand. 

    Here are three brands that are killing it with brand awareness: 

    9. Lettucegrow

    Ever thought of growing your own lettuce? No? Huh. I guess it’s a lifestyle.

    @lettucegrow “I’m only eating what I grow from here on out!” @mattjames9191 said it best 👏🏻🥬 #gardening101 #healthiswealth #lettucegrow ♬ original sound - Lettuce Grow

    10. Weareplufl

    These guys got 9.4M views showing off their random product. When was the last time you pampered yourself with a human-size dog bed?

    11. Netzerocompany

    As an e-commerce business, you should know your star products. This earth-friendly company undoubtedly played its cards right, reaching out to 12.5M people with a somewhat controversial lifestyle.

    Final thoughts

    When looking at all these engaging brands, you can’t help but get inspired. Whether you’re already using TikTok or looking to start advertising your brand there, remember that TikTok’s main strength is raising brand awareness and growing communities. 

    Although it might be overwhelming at first, some of the most successful TikToks are simple and genuine. For more inspiration, you’ll be glad to know that we have summed up the must-follow accounts on TikTok for marketers and creators, who will constantly update you on the latest trends, and best practices.

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