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    Adcore’s PPC Checklist – Holidays 2019


    The holiday season is probably among the most hectic periods for marketers and PPC managers from all around the globe. While buyers are rushing to purchase gifts for their beloved ones, we need to make sure that all our campaigns are properly set and that we maximize the potential of this huge audience, just waiting for a tempting offer.

    You’ll be glad to know that this year, our specialists gathered their most useful tips and best practices in one PPC Checklist, based on years of ‘Holidays Campaign Management’ in order to make sure that this holiday, you can finally sit back, relax and enjoy.

    Adcore’s PPC Checklist – Holidays 2019

    • In 2018, 45% of consumers reported having already purchased a holiday gift by November 13th
    • Our Adcore specialists have put together this list of actions for the surest way to improve and optimize your campaigns for the up and coming holiday season:
      1. Create dedicated “idea searching” campaigns. Targeting keywords such as Best Gifts For XXX, Best products for XXX, the best place to buy XXX, etc.
      2. 3 in 4 people will buy a gift from a new retailer. Expose your target audience to your brand and products now, then target them with sales and discounts later.
      3. Will I get my gift on time? Make sure that users know if they get their order before the holiday. Any uncertainty might cause them not to take a risk.
      4. Upgrade your attribution model. Using the default last-click attribution will push all value to a narrow audience, taking valuable campaigns down.
        Any non-last click attribution model (time-decay, linear, data-driven, or position-based) will support your efforts better.
      5. Review your Google Merchant feed. Google Shopping: Make sure you use sale_price in your Google feed and have your promotions feed approved and running.
      6. Open your budget. Search volume can increase by more than 500% during sale days. Don’t miss sales because of a limited budget!
      7. Increase bids for remarketing campaigns
        Since competition increases and traffic volume rises, users are more likely to compare and consider.
        One hit point is not enough – make sure they always remember you.
      8. Add RSA ads for top 30 ad-groups Stay up with the competition and get the highest possible CTR by utilizing Responsive search ads for at least the top 30 ad-groups.
      9. Use Maximize Conversions smart bidding. Maximize conversions automatically sets bids to help get the most conversions for your campaign while spending your budget. If others do it and you don’t – your impression share might decline.
      10. Check your mobile bid adjustments. 61% of online purchases were made on smartphones last holiday season. for most eCommerce websites mobile conv. rate is lower than desktop during the year and therefore many use negative bid adjustments. Adjust your bids to support the increase
        in Conv. rates on mobile during the holidays.
      11. Run Daily rules for top. Imp share. Make sure you increase bids if your top imp. Share is lower than 60%.’s
      12. Add RLSA audiences to all your shopping and search campaigns (observation targeting)
        Add at least +50% bid adjustment for highest-converting audiences, such as cart abandoners and returning customers.86% declared that this action list improved their lives!

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