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    Digital Marketing Services: The Ultimate Bite-Sized Guide


    So you want to hire someone to do some digital marketing services? You may have heard about it from a colleague or seen blogs and news about companies whose digital marketing services boosted their business. Either way, you’ve decided to see what it can do for you, and I’m assuming that’s why you’re here reading this blog. 

    We all love splurging, and for some, that might be a good enough reason to hire a Digital Marketing agency. But if impulsive spending isn’t your primary motivation for some reason, here’s my quick take on what you need to know before stuffing digital marketing services into your monthly budget in a convenient bite-sized blog. 

    What are digital marketing services?

    Hubspot defines digital marketing as any marketing effort with the use of an electronic device or the internet.

    What are the benefits of digital marketing services?

    The question everyone is asking themselves is “do I really need this”? 

    In a word, yes. 

    With internet users rising by 4.1 percent annually, digital marketing services are more than necessary. That’s an average of more than 500,000 new users each day. Not only are there more and more internet users every day, but specifically, online business transactions are growing too. According to studies, 97% of search engine users use it to look up businesses. 

    Sounds to me like it would be a crime not to take advantage of that market.  

    Who needs digital marketing services?

    Digital marketing services are a popular choice for promoting products and services in any industry; startups, SMEs, and entrepreneurs alike gravitate towards them to tackle important tasks, freeing up time to focus on the rest of the business. 

    It’s a massive industry, and just like I’m dying to go on lunch break, I’m sure you’re dying to decide what services you’re going to need in 2022 and then move on with your day. So I’ll make this short, sweet, and to the point.

    So you decided to hire a digital marketing agency. But, before you jump on that train, you should know the different types of services out there, which we'll explore right here.

    What are the types of digital marketing services? 

    In this next section, I’ll explain the primary services that can benefit your business if you use nothing else. We’ll call this “the starter pack” for people new to digital marketing. 

    Now, I’m not saying that these are the only options. It is just the tip of the iceberg. But, if you or your team want to implement the basics, these are them. Let’s unpack them one by one and see what they are, who needs them, and what value they will bring to your company or brand. 

    The starter pack

    1. PPC (Pay-per-click) services

    Probably one of the most effective advertising methods in the industry is Paid Advertising or PPC (Pay-per-click). PPC is where you pay publishers a fee every time someone interacts with your ads.

    If you’re looking for a scalable way to guarantee conversions, clicks, or brand awareness, it’s PPC. Usually, it manifests itself as Google ads, Facebook ads, Linkedin ads, Instagram ads, etc. Paying per click will secure the webpage of your choice a spot as the first result for your selected keywords. 

    Why should you consider the experts’ help here? Digital agencies specializing in paid advertising know best how to build and execute a strategic advertising plan tailored to your business needs. Additionally, skilled agencies will be able to optimize your budget while delivering more conversion, thus maximizing your ROAS

    2. Content Marketing services

    Content marketing is precisely this; publishing and promoting content like blogs, youtube videos, podcasts, and more to raise publicity for your brand. 

    You will drive more traffic to your website and generate leads from your target audience by regularly publishing content. It is a powerful digital marketing service that can be monetized and improve your search engine optimization. This brings us to the next service from “the starter pack”, SEO.

    3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services

    Search statistics reveal that 54% of us are doing searches to find businesses at least once a month, and 12% search for a local business every day. So it’s evident how important it is to optimize your website, content, or whatever you have on the internet for search engine algorithms. 

    Hiring someone to do your SEO can help you rank #1 on Google for keywords your target audience often searches for. That way, when someone searches for your niche, you show up on search results first. 

    4. Social Media Marketing services 

    For many, social media is the focus of their marketing strategy. With 3.78 billion social media users spending 2.8 hours a day on social networks, it’s no wonder why everyone wants to tap into this market. 

    This impactful digital marketing service involves using social media channels as a medium to promote your product or service. You’ll get your brand name out there by creating a viral social media campaign, latching onto trends, and partnering with influencers and content creators. 

    It’s super useful to have someone else take care of these tasks for you. Social media agencies will work with you on strategy, consistently post on your social media channels, and organize social media calendars to plan all activities in the strategy used. 

    5. Affiliate marketing services 

    This is a great third-party digital marketing service that can cut out loads of work for you. By creating digital advertising campaigns and managing them, affiliate marketing agencies earn commissions from the results they bring, which means that you don’t have to pay for any results that they don’t bring. 

    If you’ve made it this far, you must be getting more serious about hiring digital marketing services. Here are a few more digital marketing services you need to know about before hiring someone.

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      Getting More Specific

      6. Email marketing services 

      Keeping in contact and nurturing relationships with customers is key to business development. When it comes to reaching a broad audience with content updates, news, promotions, and more, email marketing is your best friend. On top of directing people toward the business’s website, email marketing promotes your brand and keeps the conversation about you afloat. 

      7. Inbound marketing services 

      Inbound marketing focuses on pleasing, entertaining, and engaging customers throughout their user experience. This boosts time spent on your domain and attracts more users. 

      By giving them what they want, you can get the results you are looking for while appealing to your target audience. 

      8. Marketing automation services 

      Digital marketing needs to be consistent, methodological, and organized. That’s where marketing automation comes into play to save the day. It refers to software that does all of your basic marketing operations. 

      This includes campaign optimization, campaign tracking, newsletter email outreach, social media marketing, and more. Losing track of these things can be an expensive waste of potential. 

      9. Native advertising services 

      Free, organic, and sustainable native advertising is a must-do in digital advertising. This refers to promotional content you can publish on different platforms. Common examples are sponsored posts on blogs and social media posts. 

      Final thoughts 

      Making the decision to hire digital marketing services to boost your company’s performance is a good choice. You’re able to take advantage of many different strategies and channels to connect with your target audience. 

      The internet is no new invention, and it doesn’t seem to be a fad as they thought when it first hit the market. So you’ve done the research, now, do your business a favor and integrate digital marketing into your strategy.

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