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    Google Performance Max Campaigns Updates Advanced Location Options

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    Google is making it easier for advertisers to control their performance campaigns by providing advanced location options for targeting and excluding campaigns. 

    With the new Google update in Performance Max campaigns, advertisers can choose not to include specific locations in the targeting process- allowing them to focus on the locations that matter.

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    If you’re an advertiser running Performance Max campaigns, Google has implemented a new feature to help you manage your advertising spend more effectively. 

    After listening to advertisers, Google has added the option to exclude locations from its Advanced Location Options for Performance Max campaigns.

    In Performance Max campaign settings under “Location Options,” advertisers will now find the ability to target based on physical presence or an interest in a particular locale.

    The new update will allow advertisers to leave out or not include some campaign locations. Available only in the Google Merchant Feed, this update will come in handy if you get junk clicks or leads, as AdWords allows the exclusion of specific locations in performance-based campaigns. As a result, fewer junk clicks and more clicks from the target audience will increase ad performance. 

    Google is making it easier for advertisers to control their performance campaigns by providing advanced location options for targeting and excluding campaigns.

    Advertisers with a Google Merchant Center feed can now easily control where they’re eligible to appear and what audiences are excluded from seeing those ads.

    A Google representative confirmed the Advanced Location Options update on July 7th. The statement affirms that the Google update allows advertisers to choose target audiences based on their physical presence or “presence or interest.” There will also be Advanced Location exclusion options for Performance Max campaigns for online sales, an update that resembles current campaigns. 

    What do advertisers think?

    Advertisers asking for this type of granular control for a long time will be happy to learn about the Advanced Location Options feature in Performance Max campaigns. 

    Based on ad-agency owner and entrepreneur Kasim Aslam’s reaction on Twitter, it seems like this new feature is already well-appreciated by its intended users. Aslam noticed the Google update feature on July 6, 2002, and Tweeted his excitement over what this means for advertisers.

    Aslam tweeted the update as “a gift from the Google Gods!” He explained Advanced Location Option update is exciting news and hopes this new feature will eliminate unnecessary and unintended website clicks and traffic.

    Advertisers can target or exclude specific zip codes as part of the targeting tool by adding tags to their feed items. These Advanced Location Options will help advertisers optimize performance and gain granular control. Applicable only in the Google Merchant Center feed, this update to Google Performance Max is appreciated. 

    Source: Search Engine Land

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