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New research found that advertising products via podcasts lead to positive perceptions of brands. A study performed by an independent research company, Tapestry, through the Guardian found that podcast advertising garners the highest levels of attention over any other media channels. The research shows that 65% of listeners listened to podcast ads compared to only 39% for TV ads and 38% for radio.

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The study goes on to show that 51% of weekly podcast listeners said the ads used in the podcast made them want to purchase the marketed brand. Radio ads have a lower percentage of 38%. 

Podcast listeners stated that their opinion of that brand improved after hearing an ad via a Guardian podcast. Brands who advertise with the Guardian, like Ocado, are finding an increase in positive customer brand perception. They saw an increase in new listeners, at least 25% of which came from listening to a podcast. 

For the best results, advertisers should consider using podcast ads along with other media. The strength of a campaign increases by adding podcasts alongside radio or TV campaigns. Podcast advertisements are more memorable and appealing to listeners. 

Podcast advertisements are also reaching more demographics than radio or TV ads. Podcasts are popular among the younger demographic as well as diverse audiences. They are continuing to become more mainstream in everyday life.

Source: The Guardian 

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