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    What Is Marketing Technology (MarTech)?


    Every industry worldwide can benefit from the marketing technology, or MarTech, available for advertisers. If you are starting out in the business world and running a small startup, you will need to get your company on the map and get the word out about your products or services.

    MarTech companies know how to help small or medium-sized businesses make their name known, easily advertise their brand, and engage customers using tools and platforms. Below, you will learn about the best strategies to guide your MarTech investments, the popular trends of the day, and the best marketing tools to implement.

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    What Is MarTech?

    MarTech is known for the technologies and systems marketers use to engage their audience and improve their marketing efforts. Essentially, you will find that these tools can automate various processes, such as analytics and data entry. 

    Who Should Use Martech?

    Marketing professionals and advertisers can use the technology to simplify their job. The automated software can free the time spent on repetitive tasks and allow marketers to pursue additional advertising strategies. MarTech tools can help with:

    • Gathering customer data collection
    • Generating insight from data analytics
    • Customer segmentation
    • Communication applications
    • Optimization of marketing campaigns

    Why Is MarTech Important?

    With these tools, marketing professionals can focus more on the creative parts of their job. They can deliver better results for the company instead of spending time on manual tasks that one can automate. MarTech allows for quicker communication with customers. It collects data to target consumers and makes more sales. 

    Other benefits of MarTech include the ability to manage multiple marketing channels all at once to target possible customers. Marketers can use these tools to automate their marketing strategies across various channels, which would have been nearly impossible without these systems.

    What Is the Difference Between MarTech and AdTech?

    Tools for marketing in technology industries have diverged and led to the development of both AdTech and MarTech. However, the two types are not the same and have specific differences to consider.

    AdTech or advertising technology entails the technological systems and tools that can help marketers target customers, buy or sell products, and measure the digital advertising impact. Some types of AdTech platforms include data management systems, demand side platforms, and supply side systems.

    MarTech includes a more significant focus on optimizing and assessing communication with customers through social media, email, mobile, website, and other platforms. MarTech systems involve social media management platforms, analytics systems, and marketing automation platforms. Content creation systems like WordPress are also part of the typical MarTech solutions.

    The number of tools that implement artificial intelligence in the world of MarTech has skyrocketed in recent years.

    The Most Common Marketing Technologies on the Market

    Some of the most popular and best marketing technologies that you’ll benefit from include:

    • Influencer marketing systems
    • Social media marketing platforms
    • Email marketing software
    • Video editing software
    • eCommerce tools
    • Employee advocacy systems
    • Social media monitoring tools
    • Affiliate marketing software

    You will also find various data analytics software to help you determine when and where to target your audience base. 

    These standard technologies are essential for helping a company gain a more extraordinary voice in its industry. However, the type of tools that you need to adopt will also depend on the target audience you’re interested in pursuing. 

    For instance, marketers are more likely to target older generations with email marketing solutions, while younger generations are easier to find on social media platforms. 

    What Are the Biggest Trends in Marketing Technology?

    The major trends in the marketing technology sphere include:

    • Artificial intelligence and large-scale automation
    • Data privacy and security applications
    • Personalized real-time engagement
    • Data unification
    • Management of marketing data

    The number of tools that implement artificial intelligence in the world of MarTech has skyrocketed in recent years. Today, artificial intelligence is used to analyze data and gather insights from customer information, including predicting customer behaviors.

    MarTech companies focus on ensuring their technology keeps their clients’ data safe and secure, as well as the data of their customer base. These businesses adhere to various regulations like HIPAA to ensure they meet data privacy standards. 

    Artificial intelligence and automated tools have allowed marketers to create personalized and automatic messages to customers, including specific incentives and strategies for customer support. 

    Keeping all customer data in one place also ensures faster analytics processes and more immediate insights, allowing marketers to take action and boost sales. Furthermore, more companies seek to hire directors or managers of marketing data to ensure customer data is collected effectively and used successfully to market their products or services. 

    Things To Note About Marketing Technology

    There are specific challenges that every company will need to address when implementing and utilizing MarTech. For instance, with the wide range of tech products available, you will end up with the issue of redundancy if you adopt too many software options. 

    Furthermore, the obstacle of integration can make businesses unable to keep up. As legacy systems hold much of the information you need, a true business leader must rely heavily on their IT department to efficiently integrate new systems with older ones.

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      Marketing Technology Best Practices

      MarTech’s best practices include creating top-down documentation showcasing how marketing tools can align with a company’s marketing strategy and overall goals. Next, MarTech incorporates all data gathered to integrate with the available tools and solutions. Essentially, every customer can get a data-driven profile. 

      The following step in best practices involves integrating the data and communication strategies with all marketing channels. Your marketing team will also need to work closely with the IT department to select strategies and implement MarTech solutions. The last step is to monitor, assess, and optimize how well your marketing strategies are performing. 

      Main Takeaways

      With the help of MarTech solutions, you will gain all the needed information to help inform your marketing decision-making, especially in terms of targeting customers. MarTech tools can help manage marketing data collection and analysis through artificial intelligence. 

      You will gain better outcomes by implementing MarTech tools to automate your marketing and communication strategies. Soon, your company will gain a more extensive customer base and greater overall success. For more information about relevant MarTech tools, check out some of the incredible MarTech solutions Adcore has to offer.

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