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    Yandex Pricing: All you need to know

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    Capturing the attention of a global audience has led advertisers to explore platforms beyond the familiar platforms of Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. Among these, Yandex, a giant in the Russian digital space, offers a gateway to the vast and diverse Russian-speaking market. With its comprehensive suite of digital services, from search and maps to e-commerce, Yandex stands out for advertisers aiming to expand into Russian markets.

    With its robust platform and extensive reach, understanding Yandex pricing is essential for marketers looking to expand. This guide offers an in-depth exploration of Yandex’s advertising pricing structure, aimed at the costs and strategies that can lead to successful campaigns. Whether you’re new to Yandex or looking to refine your existing strategies, this guide provides valuable insights into making the most of your advertising budget on this platform.

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    Table of Contents

    Yandex Advertising: An Overview

    Yandex is more than a search engine; it’s a digital ecosystem offering a range of services from online search to e-commerce, and importantly, online advertising. Dominating the Russian internet space since 1997, Yandex has become an indispensable tool for marketers targeting Russian-speaking demographics.


    Yandex Ads stands out by offering a variety of advertising options designed for precision, reach, and efficiency. Best suited for ecommerce, travel, hospitality, real-estate, and crypto currencies, Yandex Ads are the number one option for marketers working in Russian markets. Utilizing Yandex Ads means tapping into an extensive network that promises engagement and growth.  This section serves as a primer on the significance of Yandex in the digital marketing realm, setting the stage for a deeper dive into its pricing models.

    Understanding Yandex Ads Pricing

    Grasping the intricacies of Yandex’s advertising pricing is crucial for effective budget management and campaign planning. Yandex Ads’ pricing model is versatile, catering to various marketing needs and goals. Here, we break down the core components of Yandex pricing to ensure you’re well-equipped to make informed decisions.

    Cost of Placement

    The cost of advertising on Yandex varies based on several factors, primarily the selected display regions. Yandex employs a bid or CPM (Cost Per Mille) model, allowing advertisers to set bids according to their budget and target regions. Here’s a concise table illustrating the starting prices for different regions, exclusive of VAT:

    Display Region

    Starting Price (RUB)

    Moscow and Moscow Region


    Russia (without Moscow and Moscow Region)






    Other Countries


    This tiered pricing strategy indicates the importance of geographic targeting in Yandex’s advertising ecosystem. Advertisers must set a bid or CPM higher than the value listed for their selected regions to ensure their banners are served effectively.

    Campaigns with Fixed CPM

    Yandex Direct offers the possibility of creating ad campaigns with a fixed CPM, providing more control over advertising costs. This model is ideal for businesses looking for predictable spending while targeting desktop and mobile versions of specific Yandex pages or creating video, audio, and banner ads across Yandex Media Services. Fixed CPM campaigns ensure that your advertising efforts are not only targeted but also cost-efficient.

    Yandex Display Strategies

    Yandex offers several display strategies designed to maximize ad performance while adhering to budget constraints. Each strategy is tailored to meet different campaign goals, from maximizing impressions to limiting average CPM. Here’s an overview:

    Maximize Impressions for Lowest Price

    This strategy aims to garner the highest possible number of impressions within a specific budget, ensuring the average CPM remains minimal. It’s particularly effective for campaigns seeking broad visibility at minimal costs. Note that for campaigns targeting niche audiences or employing long-tail keywords, the average CPM may be higher.

    Limiting the Average CPM

    Advertisers can set a limit on their average CPM, with a minimum value of 5 rubles. This strategy ensures that the campaign achieves the most impressions at the lowest possible price without exceeding the set CPM limit. It’s a balance between cost-efficiency and reach, providing a safety net for budget management.

    Lower Cost for Repeat Impressions

    This approach reduces the cost of each repeat impression, optimizing budget use for campaigns aiming to achieve the maximum reach. By focusing on first-time impressions, this strategy ensures that ads are more likely to be served to new users, maximizing the campaign’s reach within the set budget.

    Pay per View

    For video advertising, Yandex offers a Pay per View strategy, charging advertisers only for views. This model is particularly effective for campaigns with clear video view objectives, providing a cost-effective method for enhancing brand visibility and engagement through video content.


    Each of these strategies offers unique benefits, allowing advertisers to tailor their approach based on specific campaign goals and budget constraints. Understanding these options is key to leveraging Yandex Ads for maximum impact.


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    Strategies for Specific Goals

    Yandex’s advertising platform enables customization and precision targeting through various strategies designed to meet specific campaign goals. Whether you’re aiming to increase brand awareness, drive traffic, or boost conversions, understanding how to utilize these strategies effectively is paramount. Here’s how Yandex caters to these distinct objectives:

    Growth of Search Queries

    • Strategy Focus: Increase the share of search queries for a brand and its products after display ads are served.
    • How It Works: Ads are shown to users most likely to search for the brand or its products on Yandex Search following the ad impression. This strategy is effective for campaigns targeting over 10,000 impressions for the period. For campaigns using narrow user profiles or fewer impressions, the average CPM may be higher.
    • Key Benefit: Enhances brand visibility and product discovery among interested users.

    Growth of Site Visits

    • Strategy Focus: Boost the number of site visits resulting from display ads.
    • How It Works: Target ads to users who are most likely to engage with the offer and click through to the site. This approach is also designed for campaigns with substantial impressions, utilizing Yandex’s powerful targeting capabilities to drive meaningful site traffic.
    • Key Benefit: Directly increases potential customer engagement by driving traffic to your site, enhancing the opportunity for conversions.

    Conversion Growth on the Site

    • Strategy Focus: Increase the number of onsite conversions through targeted display ads.
    • How It Works: Serve ads to users who are most likely to take interest in your offer and perform a conversion action on your site after seeing the ad. Similar to other strategies, it’s aimed at campaigns with a significant number of impressions, optimizing for conversions at the lowest possible cost.
    • Key Benefit: Maximizes the efficiency of ad spend by focusing on users with the highest conversion potential, improving overall campaign ROI.

    Manual Bid Management

    • Strategy Focus: Offers advertisers the flexibility to manually set bids for specific impression criteria, balancing between maximum impressions and budget constraints.
    • How It Works: Advertisers can set their own bids, focusing on limits for the bid, display region, and competition with other advertisers. This strategy is ideal for those who prefer direct control over their advertising spend and targeting precision.
    • Key Benefit: Allows for granular control over ad placement and spend, enabling advertisers to fine-tune their campaigns based on real-time performance and market dynamics.

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    Leveraging Yandex for your digital marketing campaigns opens up a world of opportunities to target the expansive Russian-speaking market. However, as we’ve explored the various pricing strategies and bidding options within Yandex Ads, it’s clear that optimizing your advertising spend is crucial for achieving high ROI. Couponer enables you to apply these savings towards your Yandex advertising campaigns or any other digital platform of your choice. By reducing the cost barrier, Couponer allows for more aggressive or extended campaign runs, potentially leading to higher engagement, increased search queries, and greater conversion growth on your site.

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    Getting Started with Yandex Ads

    Yandex Ads offers a gateway to the vast Russian-speaking market, but starting can seem daunting. Here’s a simplified guide to getting your campaign up and running:

    Registration and Monetization with Yandex

    Step 1: Registration

    • Visit Yandex’s advertising network site and fill out the registration form. This will give you access to Yandex’s advertising tools and platforms.

    Step 2: Setting Up Your Campaign

    • Once registered, you can start setting up your campaign. Define your objectives, select your target audience, and choose the appropriate ad formats and bidding strategies to meet your goals.

    Monetization Options

    • Yandex also offers monetization options for publishers. Whether through direct ad sales or Yandex’s mediation platform, there are multiple ways to generate revenue from your online content.

    Maximizing Your Ad Performance

    Successfully launching your Yandex Ads campaign is just the beginning. To truly excel, continuous optimization and strategic adjustments are necessary. Monitor campaign analytics to identify what’s working and what’s not, experiment with different ad formats and creative approaches, and adjust your targeting settings to hone in on your most responsive audience segments. Staying informed about Yandex’s latest features and updates can also provide new opportunities for campaign enhancement.

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    Yandex Advertising offers a powerful platform for reaching the expansive Russian-speaking market. By understanding Yandex Pricing and leveraging the platform’s diverse advertising strategies, digital marketers can effectively connect with their target audience, driving growth and achieving their marketing objectives. Remember, the key to success lies in continual learning, testing, and optimizing your approach.

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